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Mana regen shards - where are they?

Hi guys,

Im looking for mana regen shards. so far I have gotten ZERO.

I have come across 3 low level pieces of gear with this affix, i used rune of shattering on them and again got ZERO mana regen shards.

Whats the deal? is it just lousy RNG? whats the way to farm them?


Mana Regeneration shards have a Rarity tier of Rare and can only be applied to Rings/Relics/Gloves. So yes, it sounds like they are likely to be hard to acquire without a significant time sink, but at least they “can” drop from level 1 onwards.

Slightly more rare are the set dodge rating shards that I’m currently trying to acquire and yes, these are certainly taking a while to obtain.

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