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Mana Management

Doing a shaman build right now and it requires a lot of mana, does anyone have any suggestions that can help me with managing mana? I would like to craft mana efficiency and regen on my gear, but those shard come in like 1 in a million rifts.

You could watch Thyworm’s Zoomer build guide to see how he solves the mana issues of this build;

To quickly summarize, he mainly uses the Unique Urzil’s Pride chest piece as well as the Unique Orchirian’s Petals relic. Aside from that, he does have Mana Efficiency on his amulet and an Oracle staff that cuts the mana cost of spells by -3. This may or may not be helpful information for the build you are making though.

You can (currently) spec Tempest Strike to give 28 mana on hit.
Thanks to abusing Unspend Power (you can make it so it procs nothing).

Yes, but that requires you to use Tempest Strike…

AFAIK Unspent Power doesn’t require you to hit anything. The wording is “When you USE Tempest Strike”. So you can just swing at the air and regain mana that way.