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Mana generation

Currently, % mana generation can only on wand and a very low value.
Mage can use FOCUS to restore mana rapidly.
Sential can use VOLATILE REVERSAL to get back the recent mana consumption.
How can Primalist or Acolyte restore mana fast? I have no good idea.
I suggest to add some flat mana generation on items or prefix/suffix.
The high mana spending Primalist or Acolyte casting BDs are very tough now.
They need some LOVE :rofl:

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On 2hands a Tier 5 Affix boost mana reg to 15-18 / sec or something, which is immense. Pool of 100 Mana refills in 5-7 seconds instead of 10 and it outsources your 10-20 mana cost skills Pretty well, + refilling the higher ones more rapidly.

And some +mana solved my mana Problems :stuck_out_tongue: and getting the % mana Efficiency nods on skills.

My shaman runs Tornado, maelstrom and eartquake. I had lots of mana issues^^

Urzil’s Pride is very much a must have if you play a mana hungry primalist build. With this and some other mana reg and mana efficiency items you can get to arround 20 manareg. I can maintain 7 stacks of Maelstrom 2 Tornados and Avalanch/Thick Blades vs bosses with it. You are pretty much FUBAR as a primalist ^^.

There is actually a very fast way to get full mana from no mana on acolyte, if you look through the skills u will find it :slight_smile:

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