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Make Monolith much more challenging

Hey EHG,
Just wanted to share my opinion about Monolith. I like how it is but imo it gets borring really fast since after a certain gear/lvl threshold it is super easy and you just endlessly run the monolith without any difficulty.
There one way to make it really challenging and exciting :

  • Reduce the affixe scaling
  • Every affixe you add after each run stay FOR EVER until you die or reset your monolith run.
    –> In that way, you get an endless monolith that gets harder and harder. You can also add a ladder for the highest monolith run player completed.

Currently I do a few monolith run and just get borred :confused:

Monolith is just a way to get arena keys right now, I don’t see any harm done there. You rush 5 maps grab the key and all is fine because you enter the “harder” area “Arena” through it. Monolith does what it should right now at least from my point of view. Endgame systems will change in the future but right now I think Monolith is where it should be.

I understand but honestly it feels a bit sad that the monolith is just a key farm. It could be much more !

It might be more one day :). Just get all your ideas out but as I said… when endgame mechanics change the whole monolith thing may be changed drasticly. On the other hand, maybe your ides are that well they take it :slight_smile: it’s still beta and a lot of stuff can happen.

As current story content only goes up to level 35 or so, there should be content for leveling from 35 to 70 or so (where you flesh out your passive trees and get access to best crafted gear). It should be doable with suboptimal/underdeveloped skills/passive trees and undergeared characters.

Actually, Arena is not an endgame system, it was added in pre-alpha as something to do and people liked it so they kept it.

Monolith is one of the planned endgame systems, thats why it has increase item rarity and exp.

If you look at roadmap they are adding more endgame systems and assume adjusting Monolith if they feel a need. I am ok with Monolith as it is, its not too hard, not too easy and its good for lving+ item hunting, I found all my best items in Monolith.

Oh btw if you don’t reset your monolith things stack up pretty hard later on, sure some fall off but you’ll always have some new stuff overlapping with the old and I’m fine with it. With 7 different mods on one map it took it’s time to finish it.

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