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Major Streamlabs OBS Stutter

Hey all, so I have a new issue that just popped up the other day and I can’t for the life of me figure it out. LE itself runs smooth but now when I run Steamlabs OBS with LE I get a huge stutter/lag response from my video output in OBS. I’ve been able to play LE and stream it with no issues up to then, so I’m not sure what changed. The stutter only happens on certain maps or screens, so for example, it happens on the menu screen and on Lake Liath, but not at The End of Time. I’ve tried to change about every setting I can imagine in both the game, streamlabs, and my graphics card, and the only thing that seems to make any difference is to change the settings to very low. Individual game settings don’t seem to do anything, and nothing helps from OBS or the Radeon software. I’ve also tested multiple other games (Rocket League, Grim Dawn, Diablo) and they experience no lag whatsoever, so it seems to be an isolated issue. I’m attaching the output log of my latest attempt at fixing the issue. Hoping you all have an idea because streaming on very low isn’t gonna be pretty, and Youtube videos are output_log.txt (34.2 KB) on halt until I figure it out. :crying_cat_face:

Sorry about this! What encoding method are you using in OBS?

I’ve tried both Software (x264) and hardware. Same outcome.

Update: So for reasons unrelated to this issue I changed out the case and the PSU today, and now the game is behaving with streamlabs. No idea what either of those components have to do with what was happening (if anything), but I’ll take it. If you all have any idea of what was going on I’d be interested in knowing in case I encounter the issue again. Thanks for looking into it!

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