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Major FPS Loss

I will be in a huge mob and have FPS consistently over 80 fps in 1440p. I have all my setting set to low to try to help and vsync on. It doesn’t really matter in game is in what level from low to ultra. When the mobs get get large, the game gets real laggy and my fps drop between 10-20. I usually end up dying.
i5-8600k OC to 5.1
1080 gtx
16gb ddr4 ram
m.2 ssd 3500/3000

I have zero issues on any other games I play such as dota 2, cod AW/warzone, madden 20, or grim dawn.
Any ideas?>

Could you upload your log file?

What do you mean when you say, “when the mob get get large”, is it a magic pack with the “periodically becomes rampant” affix?

How do I do that?

Find the file, then when you post, there’s a little upload button in the middle of the posting toolbar.

@W4rM4ch1ne can you try turning damage numbers off and see if it helps? We just found a bunch of frames laying around in that system with large numbers of mobs.

It will be fixed in the next patch if this is the issue.

My fps dropped some, but it was smooth. That is all I care about it. Thank you.

You’re welcome, you’ll be able to turn them back on next patch and it will stay smooth.

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