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Main quest disappeared, inability to complete the totem

I need help I have been playing for a while and the game is very nice and promising, I think I ran into a BUG, my character is now at level 69 and still despite having completed all the quests I have not yet the totem fully unlocked.
Could it be that a bug does not allow me to continue on the main quest which makes me unlock the totem?

Hey there!

Could you please see if @Llama8’s response in this thread helps?

no unfortunately the problem is different, I do not completely unlock the totem (I still have 4 spaces to be blocked), the main quest is over (or at least I have only the monolith quests left).
Actually I have a quest in the quest log that gives me a failed “ERZA’S LEDGER” but I don’t have the possibility to try it again

erza’s ledger is a quest you fail no mater what. If you chose to side with the gambler you fail the quest for erza, if you do give to erza you fail the quest for the gambler. soooo its not that quest you have to worry about :). By spaces do you mean the idol slots? If its idol slots here are the quests : Main Story Quests: Saving Last Refuge, The Admiral’s Dreadnought, The Lance of Heorot.

Side Story Quests, An Ancient Hunt (time rift found in the Shattered Valley near the waypoint), The Corrupted Lake (time rift found in Lake Liath near the waypoint), The Sapphire Tablet (Quest given in the Oracle’s Abode by the Shrine Maiden), A Heoborean Cure (Given in Heoborea by an old man), Liberating the Nomads (Given in the Nomad Camp by the Nomad Survivor).
Is a list of the quests along with whether they give passive points or idol slots.