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Mage passive Rune of winter& Lightning blast Supercharged Floes

Hi, do their respective base freeze rate of 46 work together ? They stack? I’m playing my old char and i’m a little lost from all these recent update…

Edit: Sorry i just noticed someone else already did a similar topic but it’s still unclear for the freeze rate stacking or not, please any Dev can enlight us ?

I tried it vs the same enemys with and without the skill points added and without them. It seems like it stacks because I freezed mobs a lot more with the skillpoints and passives compared. That’s just an observation vs the same 100 enemys with and without the points. For me it’s obvious that it stack but it’s just an observation and no proof.

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ok thx , my mind is a little quite now, i can put some point here and there to play my mage. I hope it really stack so we won’t waste point.

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