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Mage - Mana Tunnel does not work properly

Hello there, I have been playing a Mage Sorcerer for the better part of the day and I have discovered that the talent Mana Tunnel for the Teleport ability does not work correctly when used with Volcanic Orb. About 1/3 of the times after I teleport I do get Volcanic Orb for free whereas the rest of the time the mana for the ability gets deducted even if I have just used teleport. The only thing I could think of is that the free(0 mana) ability has a hidden coldown that is not in the description of the skill and not every teleport activates the talent. I don’t know if It’s a bug but something like that needs to be in the description.

The node appears to be working just fine for me-- if you’re still experiencing this issue a screenshot of your Teleport and Volcanic Orb trees would help. Also, make sure you’re casting Volcanic Orb within 4 seconds of using Teleport, and that you don’t cast any other spells in between.

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