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Mage - Fire Shield Skill - center node description incorrect

Description says “…Fireball when you take 30 damage.” instead of “When you are hit it has a 20% chance to retaliate with a flame bolt.”

This one is curious. It’s showing you the Fire Shield description, but the Flame Ward one is accurate here. You’re also in the Fire Shield tree, despite Flame Ward being listed above as the specialized skill.

I’m going to try to reproduce this.

This is the Fire Shield tree, not Flame Ward :slight_smile: (I haven’t selected Fire Shield to specialise in yet in the above screenshot - just clicked on the skill).

The description is correct for Fire Shield on the Skills panel just not in the Fire Shield tree.

Yeah I mentioned it was the Fire Shield tree :slight_smile: makes sense now, the screenshot was confusing. Fixed for next patch, cheers.

I’m not sure what it has to do with Flame Ward, but I’m sure you understand the bug lol. Thanks!

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