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Maelstrom Skill - Can we make it persistent?

Just a thought, I feel like a skill like Maelstrom would be better suited as a mana reserve type skill / Aura Skill that is persistent rather than needing a refresh every few seconds. It feels distracting and underwhelming to keep having to refresh the skill.


Not a bad idea, since i was also leveling a maelstrom/tornado shaman. I also skilled around maelstrom, so that i only use one stack to have as much duration and aoe as possible to not respam it all the time. There is also an option to make it insta cast, but you miss alot of dmg points. There is also a passive note where you have a chance to cast maelstrom on hit, so it’s kinda possible to have it 100% uptime without pressing the skill too often.
I think the devs tried to recreate the old d2 wind druid with maelstrom (hurricane) and tornado (cold and physical dmg types same as d2 :wink: ). Hurricane you also need to cast back then, even though the uptime was 1min i guess.
But yes i also wish i could have it all the time and focus on spamming tornados, since the d2 wind druid is one of my all time favorite build in any arpg!

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So, I feel like Maelstrom is fine as a “fire and forget skill” even though it reminds me of Hurricane from D2. I like the idea of being able to cast Maelstrom on minions and it will be fun if the stack on kill node synergizes with the cast on allies node. On the other hand I’d like to see a higher chance to proc the stack on kill effect. There is so much investment for a non-guaranteed effect. Not to mention there are some interesting nodes that give incentives to maintaining stacks of Maelstrom. This skill is screaming automate me I think but I don’t want to default to mana reserve. Maybe give it a high mana cost and a longer duration with diminishing returns the more stacks you have?

If you’re willing to use the numlock trick, you can set any skill to autocast (keybind your skills to the some num keys, and click numlock and the num key at the same time, may take a few tries to get it right). That’s what i do with my build. I also add tornado and hurricane at the same time.

Check out this similar build which explains what you need to get the build going.

I’ve always seen this kind of ability as an aura. Yes… .i mean i guess it’s like a fire and forget. I’m not very high level yet so I haven’t had an opportunity to put many points into the skill, but I just feel that it should be something that we can keep up all the time especially for builds that are focused on doing DOT and ailment damage rather than power punches. Again… just seems distracting to keep refreshing it every few seconds. Even if it had a longer up time, it’d be better off than it is now.

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