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Maehlin's Hubris

I currently running a lvl ~70 pali using eye of reen and ignite build with warpath . Works wonderfull. Im using wing guards right now and the procc is up all the time and its of course very strong.

In the upper half of the tree pali can get a lot of bleed and bleed effectivness.
If i equip Maehlin’s Hubris all bleed chance gets ignite chance.

Does the inc bleed effect from pali tree work in this case?
€dit: NO it doesnt - thx @Heavy

Guess its hard to tell if giving up wing guards (mass AS + procc) for 200% more ignite chance (costs 10 passive points) and max. 60% inc. fire dot is worth it. Furthermore i could crit without wing guard and use eye of reen procc … but my crit chance is like 5% so that wont do much i guess?

Any ideas if the whole plan is “worth it”?
Maybe i could get a lil bit crit in but i guess its too expensive to get eye of reen above maybe 15% - but i do a lot of hits so it should procc a lot anyway?

Paladins “Redemption” Passive Node will not be converted. The Unique does only converted bleed chance to ignite chance, not more, not less.

It will even convert all bleed chance, even specific bleed chance(like bleed on melee) like the one on the “Penance” Passive Node

In LE conversion happens first, and then all the corresponding modifiers and calculations take place.

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Thx for the clarification.

So its 200% ignite chance (on top of 300+ i have anyway) + 10 passives + reen proc usable vs. wing guards 40% AS + procc and 10 free points and no reen procs.

Its really hard to test such things ingame :frowning:

Additional question:
There are fire pen on meele hit idols.

Does those work on an ignite caused by a meele hit too? Or just the hit?

Ignite does scale of the str bonus of warpath if warpath caused the ignite according to all information i found.

No, those only work for the hit, since ailment are not considered “melee”

That is correct, attributes scale all triggered/proced additional effects and ailment damage caused by a skill, unless specified otherwise.

All modifiers from the skill are inherited (eg, melee hit damage, fire damage, etc) but only relevant ones are applied (ie, nothing “on hit” because ailments can’t hit, nothing melee-related since ailments aren’t melee, but any % fire or % elemental would since ignite is fire damage).

Edit: this is why Future Strike (an ailment) can proc Smite via the idol if it (Future Strike) is proced from a throwing attack, because it inherits the throwing attack tag from the thing that proced it. Though Future Strike is an oddity since it’s an ailment that can crit.

Not sure why you replied to me, never said anything else, i was solely refering to scaling the dmg of an ability via attributes^^

Because it’s not just the attribute tags that get inherited.

Well i just answered his question, didn’t want to overflow him with informations :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh i can deal with it … more information is always good.

So anything i can find on warpath tree thats scales ignite would work. %fire %ele %dot str %dam… i will inspect the tree :grin:

IMO it’s easier to understand the rule (all tags are inherited but only the relevant ones are applied) than memorise a list of things that apply to ignite, poison, frostbite, etc.


I hope you dont mind if i just go on :wink:

Warpath stats it has a 40% REDUCED chance to aplly aliements …
Thats sounds much too good to be true? Thats a LESS not a reduced in calculation and the wording i just bad?

400% ignite chance - 40% = 360% would be absurd.
I guess its 400% * 60% = 240%

Yeah. If you go by the wording then yes, it would be 400% - 40%, however it’s inside a skill tree & it only applies to the skill, so it’s more likely to be 400% * 60% & they just forgot to change the wording when they went over all of the skills and changed all the increased to more.

@Hackaloken Probably a wording bug for you there Hacka.