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Maehlin's Hubris gloves not converting bleed to ignite

I had the new unique gloves Maehlin’s Hubris drop and was testing them for possible builds but it seems that they do not convert any bleed chance to ignite chance.

On a naked character with only some idols and a Taste of Blood axe giving a 65% bleed chance, putting the gloves on does not convert the bleed to ignite. Screens are linked with the gloves on and off. Hopefully I’m not getting it wrong in how this is supposed to work.

While the character sheet still displays it as bleed chance, I can confirm that Maehlin’s Hubris is working as I just created a new character with only Maehlin’s Hubris and Taste of Blood equipped. The character sheet shows bleed chance but only ignites are being applied.

But if Maehlin’s Hubris converts all bleed chance to ignite, shouldn’t the character sheet then show 0% bleed chance (notwithstanding that it doesn’t actually show all the bleed chance/etc)?

I asked internally and it should, but it probably isn’t a high priority to fix at the moment. It’s on the list!

Which is what I’d expect given you guys don’t have unlimited resources.

A second question on this, were the correct number of ignites being applied?

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