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Machine Gun Spriggan Druid Build patch 0.7.8F



Just want to give a shout out to maomao, and flintlier for coming up with this build, and Boardman to perfecting it!


Hi. Thank you for sharing your build.

It looks nice but indeed lack some clearing i guess. (Not that it’s a problem with that dps).
I just have some question :

  • wouldn’t your minion deal more damage if you went for global minion increased damage instead of dot minion damage ?
  • isn’t having that much healing spells too much ? maybe you could cut one utilty skill and go for a clearing skill ? i don’t know what could fit there, as i never played druid.

That’s a basic Monolith and no high stages right? I’m honestly not that impressed but the idea is nice still.

Isn’t the spriggan poisoning the enemys? If he hits 4 times in a row that’s a lot of possible poison stacks. Poison is still OP and deals an ungodly ammount of dmg.

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it’s possible that with more mana regen on gear, you could swap out tempest strike for maelstrom to cap your dodge, and give you lots of movement speed for utility, and defense to yourself.

you are more then welcome to farm the defensive affixes, and implicits you need to push arena 200+, I just happen to only show case damage in builds, I haven’t pushed arena in any build in quite a few patches. I’m too busy theory crafting, and working on other projects. In a skill full players hands, like lizard, boardman, or foe, this could easily rank up on the ladder, not that ladder is any special metric as there are lots of cheaters on the ladder right now.

I don’t talk about the arena because arena suxx hairy big wrinkled smelly balls. I talk about a monolith of a higher stage because yeah this run looks nice but I can walk through the first monlith level just with T1 items and finish it.

Roots are mandatory for the insane buffs they give spriggan. 100% cast speed, 20 flat spell damage, and full heal on cast. Eterras blessing isn’t mandatory, but also provides 30% cast speed and a bunch of safety. You can also make it revive downed companions to safely resurrect them at range.

Okay thank you for taking time to answer me. I’m probably going to try a Druid soon (maybe when the next update hits the game ?) because i love the summoner playstyle. I’ll probably try the spriggan turret mode but try to put some clearing or defense in it.

Boardman optimized. It is now a Gattling gun

Natural bond in beastmaster is tempting

Edit - One of Dammits previews shows spriggan base damage at 8. So, natural bond would not be as good.


We also found that going in werebear form all you have to do is roar and you can stay in were bear form permantely. You still cast roots when you roar, you still frenzy allies on roar, and theres a node that gives 32% minion cast speed. So instead of having to be a primalist casting roots/frenzy totem/eterras blessing on rotation, you just put roar on autocast. Ill upload the video tonight. And werebear comes with being slightly more tanky

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Do you find that the Spriggan starts dying without the 2000 armor and prots from frenzy totem?

well it still gets alot of armor and protections since it gets 150% of what you get and you get +50 Per enemy hit when you Roar, also in its tree it get +250 Flat so its not 2000 but it does get alot.

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