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Mac Gameplayability


I have been looking at this game for a while and last April purchased the gladiator pack in anticipation of the game coming out. I have recently downloaded the Mac client to see how the game is running from a year ago. I play on a 2016 MBP (2.7GHz i7 w/16GB RAM, Radeon Pro 460 w/4GB VRAM) running OS X 10.15.2, I am still experiencing stuttering with delayed movement and skill activation. I understand that in both experiences it is in a alpha and beta game. I have also played another game that I find similar to LE, Wolcen, in early access alpha and since in beta that has corrected those issues that I hope can be corrected during beta before final release. Also I am experiencing lengthy loading times for the game which I am not sure as to why it takes so long, if there are any logs I can get from the game files to share please let me know so that I can play a game that I think will be very fun and can have a very long gameplay life.


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