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Lunge allows dropping below the map in staircase in Waystation Complex

Right here
My character is not visible. Below the map. I can kill the melee skeletons that are aggrod onto me with manifest weapon, and it breaks crates in a small area above me. I’ve now made this happen three times in a row, just by clicking Lunge on an enemy that’s at the bottom of the staircase. Have not managed to duplicate with other staircases in this area. When I throw TP, it also opens below the floor here, allowing me to teleport out. TPing back in puts me back below the floor. Lol I did it again. Different staircase (still in Waystation Complex zone). This time, the staircase went up, but I still ended up below the floor. Pretty far below the floor, it seems. Also I can’t move around at all this time. Including making TP.

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