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Lower level requirement shard

I could not find anything related to this ingame so far.

Would be nice if there was a Shard suffix or affix, or a Rune. that could lower level requirement of items. I’m thinking in a scenario where you farmed the game at high level, u come up with ideas for new builds and you could level a new character with specific items to be used at low level to test it out.

It would come at the cost of an suffix or affix slot ofc.

Maybe items could become bind on account after you shard them with lower level requirement, to prevent it from being sold in the Bazaar, if that’s a concern.

p.s. Love the game!!

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I simply kept good low level items for certain builds and rushed through the content with those without any problems. I don’t think this is something that should be there at all because from your example you can’t tell if a build works if you rush through stuf with a lower level shard and 3 T5 mods on the item because even skilling nothing at all would make such a build rush through everything.
I get it that a lot of players want a second toon faster and so on and so forth but right now and even when the game comes out I think this is nothing they should’ve already ingame because the only result of it will be players who say “REEEEEEEE me have 3 toons on lvl 100 no content game trash REEEEEEEEEEE!”. I think this is something they should take care of 6 months after release or something like that. On the other hand ideas are always nice so I’d rather advocate a xp increase set that can be any item slot and you get the max out of it if you wear 3 items up to lvl 50.

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