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Low tier gear at end game

I too don’t like low tier items dropping on end game. Getting a purple just to see it’s the weakest sword in the game (with a high level requirement) makes no sense.

I do understand purple items being hard to get, but not like this.

Yup, that needs to be changed & people should say so.

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What would be the reasoning for these statements?
Are there not positive emotions to be found also from the fact that you did get an item with the best base?
I personally had contrary thoughts when I was playing - “I wish there were some really rare bases so getting the items would be mega cool; T7 rolls on a +500 armor chest base OMG”
Why have different bases in the first place then - just have one base which scales with levels?
I’ve made some passing remarks here on it as well.

I was going to say that I wasn’t sure I agree that everything that drops has to be potentially useful for them to drop - bad items need to drop for us to be excited about good items dropping. Further, it is possible to think of good affix on poor bases as a bad roll or as shard generators.

But I thought abit more about it and I think the better solution is that in some cases, people might actually want the “bad” base even in endgame. Like how in D2, hammerdin uses the flail instead of scourge to make cta because the base dmg on the item doesn’t matter. And how some people choose to make enigma on light plate instead of archon plate.


But they only made enigma from a light plate because the strength requirement was lower so it was possible to pump vitality even further. xD

Maybe when they implement loot filter I’ll block those things (if the function is there). Not interested on seeing a purple sword that gives +12 basic damage and requires lvl 45 to use.

Sure. To clarify, that was just an example of how/why in some context why bad bases might be useful endgame - there’s some upside for little downside. I’m just saying it would nice if LE can find a way to make it such that some people make want to consider what most would consider “bad bases” in certain builds.

Further, like I said, you might not necessarily want to filter those purple items since they can be shard generator.

Being apathetic about the base is not the same as being happy that you got a low level base. I accept that there could be a reason to accept a low tier base, but at the moment there isn’t one.

Mind you, I really like how LE has improved the base items that you could have some value even with the “not the best base” equipment (I’m particularly speaking from the Primalist perspective with the different helmet and chest pieces), but even then, considering how many crappy affixes can ruin a potentially useful item, there’s no reason to dilute the loot pool with low-level items.

When you have a fractured item that has a high-level protection, it’s very difficult to find a suitable replacement for it. If you don’t account for that protection, you can easily drop from a suitable 40+% to a dangerous 20% protection, and trying to place that protection on another item can easily mess up a necessary stat there. When you’re level 50+, where you’re having at a minimum 3 T3 affixes, running a really difficult Monolith just to get a bunch of T1 affixes is really unacceptable this late in the game.

Combine the low chance of getting a useful item with the chance of Rune of Removal removing the mandatory affix, and then add a few 80-90% fractures, and you can hit a wall for a long, long time before you get even one equipment you can consider an upgrade. And once you hit that wall with little chance of improving your gear, there’s not much of an incentive to keep going.

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