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Low Life Spirit Plague Lich

Spirit Plague Low Life Lich with up to 8500% Dot Damage. New link. Videos No longer 1960’s era

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Hey Boardman,

Which would you say is stronger, and which is more fun between this and your bone shard necro? Looking to play my first acolyte but don’t wanna run a build obviously on the nerf-highway (sac lich, million minion necro).

I would say they both have about the same tankiness as there both running low life. As for which is more fun i think that comes down to a person preference, for me im a huge fan of dots so i lick the lich spirit plague more.

Thanks for the response =)

Well, that build was a ton of fun until I got to Rahyeh. Then again, that low-life set is suuuuuper hard to craft.