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Low Life 2000% Melee Damage Werebear

Say bye bye to protections and welcome in the ward generating low life 2000% melee damage 100% crit full uptime werebear! whos just as tanky in werebear for as in human!


Noooo shush don’t talk about that!

Whoaaaa. Scare-bear. Great build!

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Even youtube & the forum are afraid of Boardman’s videos…

I do like how you find new ways to abuse unintended consequences…

Edit: I also managed to get the boots on the first attempt. ;p

Edit #2: I’m not sure how I feel about having the Forge Guard’s Mastery bonus added to the Primalist base class as a passive in a manner that’s better in some ways (gives the full 30% DR from the first hit & gives 100% increased damage) and some ways worse (requires low life).

Edit #3: So basically, the Emperor of Corpses is basically the dragon boss from the ancient era with minions & a reskin, that’s kinda disappointing.

never was good at coloring inside the lines

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Which is what we love about you.

Hey. nice Build, but can anyone tell me why the Werebear Form looks so horrible Wooden?.

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I’m slightly confused. If you don’t use Spriggan form, why do you have it?

I stated in the video there’s no point to it but i went over it anyways to avoid questions

I know, I just… why?

i was working on a spriggan werebear hybrid before the lowelife build. its just remmants of something else.