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Low HP indicators

I’m extremely new to the game so I may just be missing something, but is there any in game indicators that you are low on HP aside from the health globe? What I mean is, things like the edges of your screen flashing red or becoming blurred, or maybe something like sound indicators; for example, a slowing heart beat. I feel like these are some simple additions that could be very helpful during gameplay.

Really enjoying the game so far and looking forward to seeing how it continues to improve!


Yeah, to be honest I’ve lost a few toons where I’ve actually been on low HP and just didn’t realise it, and other times where I’ve just been killed out of the blue. The ones where I was lowish but didn’t react are the more frustrating to me because it felt like it shouldn’t have happened. I just wasn’t paying enough attention to my HP globe and somehow didn’t notice.

Maybe we could have some kind of blood splatter effect on the edge of the screen or something? Darkening at the corners would be noticeable as well but might just put you in more peril :thinking: