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Low FPS, frequent hiccups when processing multiple events, input lag

My performance in Last Epoch is pretty consistently poor. Here’s a quick video to show what I mean:

Arena demo

The specific issues I’ve noticed are:

  • Low framerates, especially when lots of stuff is going on, or when first loading into the game or into a zone
  • Major (like > 1 second) stutters when something calamitous is happening (like killing lots of enemies at once)
  • Input lag during chaotic gameplay, especially with click-to-move commands. This is easy to see in the video I’ve linked above; several times, like at 0:30, you can see me click the ground and the little inward-moving arrows appear as the client registers the click, but my character doesn’t actually start moving for an appreciable fraction of a second after the command is given.

Now, to be fair, I’m playing just about the worst possible build for stressing out the client. Defensively, I’m focused on rapidly cycling minions to take advantage of their on-death effects for sustain. Offensively, I’m using chaining Sacrifice, among other things, to inflict multiple DoT status ailments per hit.

This means that I’m constantly creating new minions, killing my minions, and applying status effects to enemies, often a whole bunch at once. For instance, one of my standard tactics is to:

  • Transplant into a mixed group of my minions and enemies…
  • …leaving behind a Bone Minion…
  • …chaining Sacrifice to destroy all of my minions…
  • …each chain of which applies ~6 status ailments to each enemy it hits…
  • …each of which then needs to have its damage updated because I have the “increased DoT if you’ve Sacrificed a minion recently” node…
  • …and the Sacrificed minions might summon more minions, since I have the Blood Wraith node for Sacrifice and Putrid Retribution

So it’s not exactly a huge surprise that my framerate experiences some hiccups once in a while. That said, performing a whole bunch of calculations like this is kind of the name of the game when it comes to ARPGs, so I hope some further optimizations to the client can improve this situation.

System info:

  • Windows 10, updated
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M, latest drivers, used GeForce Experience to force lastepoch.exe to use this card
  • Intel Core i7-4720HQ @2.60 GHz
  • 8GB RAM


Hope this helps troubleshoot performance issues, even if it doesn’t help fix mine right away! Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide here.

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