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Lots of issues with the transplant skill

Apparent bugs

  • Sticky blood does not appear to last 3 seconds. The animation only lasts 1.5 seconds
  • Depravity does not appear to create an extra corpse when I put a point in it.
  • Siphon is written as occuring ‘on hit’ but the blood patches are a ground effect that doesn’t hit anything
  • Ossification does not seem to work 100% of the time. It can stun you, but you still receive damage.

Interesting interaction
(This is with 3 points in both bone armour and apostasy)
It appears as if the stunning effects don’t apply at times. If I spam the skill with no enemies around, I get stunned every time. But in battle there are times where I can cast it and move straight away. Is this because I received a stunning hit in the second before casting it? If I was stunned - how did I cast it?!

General feedback

I really like the skill - In fact, it is sort of essential for minion builds as minions currently very easily block you, and stop you from dodging huge hits or moving out of ground effects.

It is possible to cast it, get stunned, then have your minions surround you so that you get blocked in after you get stunned. The only way out is to cast it again, get stunned, then have your minions surround you … etc.

If the plan is to leave minions blocking players, please at least add a ‘player can move through minions’ buff to bone armour so you are not locked in one place permanently, or forced to cast it over and over again.


Goos feedback. But separating the bugs out and reporting them in #bugs is better, so the devs more easily can find and fix them.

There should be a node for Transplant that makes your minions teleport with you.

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