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Lost progress after crash / exit (x3)

Make that 4 resets - crash while fighting the Void boss with Ezra. Tedious - but the fact I’m still enjoying the content of the first 4 zones says you’ve got something good here :wink:

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I’m also having frequent crashes and losing progress when I reload. So far, I’ve only ever had it crash during the loading screen when traveling between two areas. Also happened with both standalone launcher and via Steam.

OS: Manjaro Linux
Kernel: 5.0.9-2-Manjaro
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB
Driver: NVIDIA 418.56

Player.log -


OK, this is getting more strange now.

I reached Ezra’s Study, completed the quest, logged out (to the login menu, didn’t exit entirely), and logged back in. Confirmed the quest was done, then went on and got the Precipice waypoint.

I then got a crash, and logging back in, I was reverted to before Ezra’s Leger was handed in! That’s crazy, how is it reverting to a state before my last login?

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Another day another crash. This time on the new patch. However, it wasn’t during a loading screen (that does indeed seem fixed) but while fighting enemies which never happened to me before. And wouldn’t you know it, when I reloaded the game I had lost all quest progress and items I had found during the previous session. Just back in the council chamber like nothing happened. I should have named this character Sisyphus.

@gwmngilfen haha that is strange. Had I seen this earlier I would have tried replicating as I’m also stuck in that area. I swear next time I retrieve that damn ledger I’m going to beat Ezra upside the head with it.

Heh, yeah, Sisyphus would be perfect.

Finally got Erza done today - I did the quest handed it in (to Artem, I was so fed up with Erza :stuck_out_tongue:) and then exited entirely. For about 6 hours. Seems to have stuck this time :smiley:

Bottom line seems to be that a full exit to desktop and restart will save state, but otherwise there’s chance of loss. Testing continues :slight_smile:

Very sorry about these issues! If you can upload your log file after a crash that would help us know where to look. The log file may also mention a crash log at the end of it, so uploading that too would be great, and finally your system information.

Come to think of it, because the log file resets when you re-open the game, the most thorough way would be to save out the log after crashing and also after loading, which gets a bit messy…

The more info you can provide the better! Though I know it’s tedious. Thanks.

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No worries @Hackaloken, I know the pains of debugging things :slight_smile:

Here’s my hardinfo: hardinfo_report.txt (26.9 KB)

I’ll switch to an alt where progress is less of an issue and see if I can cause a crash…

There we go, only 25min on my mage lost :smiley:

Here’s the Player.log from the crash - (it’s 185Mb so I have to use a 3rd party host) - I was lvl 9 at the crash, had just unlocked Teleport and Specialized in Fire Shield

Here’s the Player.log from restarting the client - Player.log (2.4 MB) - Back to Lvl 7 and Erza’s Ledger not handed in (again, lol :stuck_out_tongue:)

I don’t see mention of a crash log - certainly grep log Player.log didn’t return anything in the first file. Hope it helps @Hackaloken!

@Hackaloken Thank you for looking into this. I’ve attached the requested files.

hardinfo - hardinfo_report.txt (30.6 KB)

Player.log from crash -

Player.log after restarting client -

A bit of info on this latest crash: I had decided to start a new character and I made it to the part where you click the portal not long after you encounter the campfire at the beginning of the game. The game crashed after the screen went black (another problem I’ve been having, there’s a thread about it here: Black display on Linux). When I loaded up the game to get the second log file, my brand new character wasn’t there, like it had never even been created.

@Hackaloken just to update this bug - this is still an issue in 0.7.0d. I got a crash at the end of my 3rd monolith timeline, and lost 5 levels of progress. Given there’s no apparent way to save progress with the monolith while logging out, I can’t really do endgame stuff at the moment.

Here’s the Player.log from the crash - it’s 223Mb as it was over an hour of game time…

@gwmngilfen I was able to stop the crashes and lost progress by setting all graphics options to very low. Hope a proper fix for this is coming soon though.

I’ll try that out thanks. My gut feel is that it’s a memory leak of some kind, if I log out every 2-3 zones I almost never crash.

If that’s true, I think that stacks with your results, lower settings for gfx etc. would consume less memory, right?

So last night I started a new Druid and played all the way to the Surface zone without a crash - seems like you’re on to something! I’ll try the Monolith and/or Arena when I have some time…

That’s on very low - @clashrep have you done any testing with the other levels to find out where the crashes start happening? I can do that, but there’s no point duplicating effort :wink:

No I haven’t done any real testing, just enough to get the game into a decent looking state. Currently I have textures set to High, FXAA on, Player Light on, and Color Grading on. I still keep everything else on very low/turned off, using VertexLit renderer. I’ve done monolith runs (25+ stages) and Arena (100+ waves) with these settings and have not had a single crash.

If you do try to test it I think it could possibly be related to the various reflections settings as they are the only other options I had enabled when I was getting crashes.

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I disagree, I think you’ve done some pretty good testing there!

I’ll try those options out myself, and let you know (I may have gotten distracted by finally getting They Are Billions to work in Proton… :stuck_out_tongue:)

Haha, guess so. Hope it helps.

Nice! I must say the past year has been a great time to be a Linux gamer! It’s like I magically had 100+ games added to my Steam library last August :smiley:

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I am experiencing very similar issues, also as a primalist on Linux ;). I attached some logs and the stacktrace from the terminal log. I restarted the game after the initial crash though, soI hope the log still contains the info you need. If not, please let me know and I will make sure to save the logs next time.

Also, can you save manually so I don’t have to start over from earlier zones? I lost 3-5 levels for sure :confused:

Update: Apparently because I’m a new user I can’t upload logs?

Yes, if you save and exit to desktop, that should be enough (from my testing).

Also note that @clashrep and I have found that using much lower graphics settings have eliminated the crashes (which suggests a memory issue or something like that…)

Ah, okay. Took me a while to figure out the game saves after leaving the game from certain locations. I thought there was a menu option or an NPC to save games ^^"

Noted, thanks. I turned it down to medium and still experienced a crash earlier. I’ll try again with the settings @clashrep described. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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