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Lost Items

so I have this bug that’s happened twice now, I hit enter to enter the game button, and the inventory makes a noise and pops open at character select screen, the first time it happened most of my sentinel’s gear vanished, the second time i was playing my primalist and my arena key and everything else in my inventory disappeared, thankfully none of his gear because i invested quite heavily into it thus far.
Lastly before i logged out on my primalist i had a pair of fractured gloves in crafting tab, and when i grabbed them i could not toss them away or anything, they stayed on the mouse cursor the entire time, and next time i logged in i lost 4 monolith runs worth of mats and the key. also the gloves are not there anymore but they were not important to me.
I suppose it might be important to mention i could use the mouse normally with the gloves hovering everywhere my mouse went, and i could not stash my materials i had collected.
hope this helps, and i hope it does not happen a third time!
This has become my favorite ARPG and looking foreward to future development progress, all the best to the team.

Sorry about the issues! Unfortunately by far the best way for us to make progress on issues like this is to get a log file from when it happens.

If you encounter any bugs, this log file and as much detail about what actions you took (how you closed the game/changed characters) and what happens in-game helps a lot.


ok, I will do that next time for sure, I did not even know before your post to do so.
best of luck with the bugs!

my Glyph of Stability has disappeared.
had about 250 of them, but it was one with a 0.7.0f update. Is it a defect?

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