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Lost all my items...Only left few of them

Today i start with another build, sentinel/paladin…When i leveled up i start use holy aura…After i level it to CONCENTRATION game crash and start makes some really strange sound…I log out and when i came back i lost all my items except my items in inventory. Pls help me!

Hi there, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we can’t do anything to get the gear back at the moment. When gear goes online then we could probably do something for you.

If you experience a crash again, please grab the output log file before starting the game again and send it to us. When the game starts up, it clears the output log.

I’m trying to recreate the crash but as of yet it’s stable for me. I’m taking a closer look at those nodes to make sure that they are solid and working as intended.

Sorry about the items bud.

Hi there,
Thank you for reply. I really hope when gear goes online u will not forget. Guys, i really appreciate u work and i really hope u will work on those bugs. This game is pretty damn good and it have huge potential. In my opinion this game should be a next big thing. Excellent crafting mehanisam, good story, different classes with really good diversity…keep up the good work!!!
Best wishes, Ivan.

Thanks :smile: I’m glad you’re having fun.

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