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do we have any information when we will have a loot filter?
I consider myself currently in endgame, level 74 doing epochs / arena for a while.
I know which base types I want and which affixes I need, but spending at least 25% (probably more) on looking through (bad) items is not fun.

My dream for an item filter would contain 2 different methods.

  • Filtering by item base type (those are the items I want to craft on and wear)
  • Filtering by item affixes (to get the shards to craft)
    in best case I could combine them with AND and OR.

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And item rarity (for sets/uniques).

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I think Grim Dawn has a really good item filter. You can filter by rarity and by damage/stat type. Would love to see something like that in here, as it greatly speeds up game play.


I’d add Affix Tier (T1 - T5) to this list also. It’s going to be important for shattering as well as highlighting tradable items.

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And crafting.

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We need an affix and prefix filter mostly because it won’t matter what tiers of rolls are on the item because even out of a T5 roll you can get only 1 shard. The most important thing is to pair up roll combinations that make you able to see items with 3 desired stats on it instantly vs itmes with stats on it you don’t want at all.

Agree this is essential. I’d even go further, actually. I’d like to be able to say “Show me items with x of these y affixes”. Eg, I want at least three of the following on a weapon: Crit chance, Crit damage, Flat Melee damage, Increased Melee damage, Attack speed.

Have to disagree on this, however:

I just double checked to make sure, but it’s definitely possible to get more than one shard from each affix when shattering (I’m assuming the possible number of shards is based of tier).

For example, this ring:
Shattered to this:

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Thats the problem. Its definitly possible to get 1 shard from a t5 affix and multiple shards from a t1 affix. My guess is, its just random. But its definitly possible, that the tier of the affix influences the chances of getting multiple shards,

I really hope they will allow us to define loot filters using a scripting language such as JavaScript. (
From a technical point of view it’s very easy to implement and for us filter authors writing custom filter chains would be 1000 times more flexible than a Yes/No Show/Hide pseudo language such as PoE introduced.

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Oh, I misinterpreted what you wrote. Apologies. Is that true? I had it in my head that you could get a number of shards up to the tier (but not more). Interesting.

I never get more the 1 shard out of a T1 roll. Maybe they changed it thou.

@cavalier it was just an example. If you are unlucky and shatter an item with a desired t5 roll on it you want extracted you might endup empty handed. I’d rather shatter a item with 3 desired T1 mods instead of an item with only one desired T5 mod.

I am not the guy you disagreed with :wink:
I was pretty sure about it, but after Macknum basically agreed with you I am not certainly sure anymore. In case I catch a “proof” of a t1 affix giving more then 1 affix I let you know.

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