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Looking for a strong build

Hi guys,

I´m Looking for ideas for a strong build! I know one should Play what he likes and so on, but I had a rly strong Totem Avalanche build that died due to waves, and my other Chars are kinda mee!

Thx for answers!

Kind regards

P.S.: Is there a way to turn of autocorrection? Always Caps my words! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Druid werebear is op broken atm it will take you the places you seek to go.

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physical crit avalanche build, buffed with leap, and roots, should help guide you too

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Funny Thing is I didn´t like my Werbear, so I made a Totem Char using roots and avalanche! :o Almost ripped the totem char, and like the Werbear now!

leap avalanche build

People keep saying the shaman avalanche build but I would consider him my weakest character right now in arena . Harvest and sacrifice lich is stronger . Hammer throw and warpath Paladin or forge guard is stronger. I would even consider my mage stronger now in terms of survivability with cool downs and playstyle . The shaman is stronger than either necromancer or beastmaster. Avalanche shaman probably has the fastest clear speed for the campaign/monolith but any build works just fine for those.
For arena Shaman has very little defense and yet he has to get close to all of the mobs to deal damage. Primalist really does need something to survive better . Gearing for dodge is not the right answer either . The stun on earthquake costs too much mana and the area of effect is way too small .

It appears the devs are aware of squishy Primalist. Every patch there are a few new tidbits that give primalist increased survivability. These changes seem to revolve around magical healing over time which seems pretty unique and powerful if stacked. Other classes might be better prepped for one shots but the Primalist still mitigates quite a lot.

I’m not going to bother much with balance issues until all the skills are released with skill trees especially because completely new skills are still being introduced.

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