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Long Term Plans

First of all, I want to say I love this game so far. Everything from the art style, classes, and skill specializations are all just phenomenal.

I understand this game plans to have seasons to keep people coming back. My question, is what will change season to season? PoE can easily add new skill gems to revitalize some game play, but that doesn’t seem very feasible with LE. Obviously new items will play a big part, but what else will keep us coming back?

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Why not? I think the devs had briefly mentioned before that new skills/skill nodes can be a thing in cycles (aka leagues/seasons). Also, they are looking to further deepen the crafting system with future cycles.

I’d love to see more and more skills all the time, but the current system doesn’t really make it easy to just cram more skills in, being based on your passive point allotments. Granted that could all change, but it’s an aspect worth discussing.

Yea. For sure you won’t be able to cram more skills into a single build. But more skills will allow for more builds that uses different combination of skills to emerge right? :slight_smile:

I may have explained myself poorly, but i did not mean number of concurrent skills on your bar. Currently, skills are unlocked based off your passive investment into a mastery line, with a new skill unlocking every 5 points. Eventually, we will run out of room to cram in those unlocked skills. I don’t see a way, (in the current setup), to easily add more unlocked skills, short of lowering the new skills to every 3 passive points etc.

I suppose they could double their available unlocked skills by implementing some type of choice, i.e. the 1st skill unlocked in this mastery lets you choose from this skill OR that skill etc, but that inhibits build variety a bit.

I dont see why you wouldnt be able theoretically and pragmatically to unlock 3 skills at a time after say you invest 20 Points into lets say Lich tree. Or unlocking 2 or 4 skills after having put 15 Points into the Basic mastery.

Theres no practical reason why this shouldnt be possible. Only a philosophical one Maybe, if you dogmatically only want “one skill unlocked at a certain amount of Points invested in a tree” or something.

Or a skill unlocked further downt he road - at lvl 40, 45, 47, 52, 67, 77, or even 88. Who knows.

Limit is the sky Brothers, the sky. :smiley:

I think that the way you unlock skills(either by leving up your character or putting points into base class/mastery) does not limit the amount of skills taht we can have on classes. That should be the least important thign to worry About.

We can get more base class skills on higher Levels and also we could at some points if there are really really many skills unlock multiple skills in a row.

Most masteries still have plenty of room to add skills anyway

They could do something as easy as adding 5 levels to skill trees giving you 5 more points to play with. And that would change everybuild out there.

Adding a new skill gem in POE requires balancing. Same with skills in this game. Both can be added at anytime and will most likely be done once the game is released and running seasons. Remember this game is in BETA. There are alot more features coming including but not limited to: A whole additional character, Skill trees for every skill, at least THREE! more end game systems. So to say your looking for more systems and Deeper content, Just wait :slight_smile: its going to happen.

I think you’re misunderstanding my intentions. This thread is about long term plans, not about short terms changes to the beta.

As other have stated, adding some new skills each season does appear easier than i originally mentioned, but back to my main point, have the devs indicated what other features they plan changing season to season? Like new mini content like PoE, or season wide buff/mechanic changes like d3? Or maybe something completely different.

From what I’ve seen so far, they are mostly focused on getting the game to release. We know they have plans for cycles but beyond that, I think they have not thought very much about exactly what would go into each cycle.

I’m guessing it would be a case of trial and error in the first few cycles to get to a sweet spot of length, rewards and expansion content that would keep fans happy and profitable for them.

I didn’t read everything here (so it may have already been mentioned) and I don’t speak for the devs, so please take this with a grain of salt.

However, one thing PoE cannot do easily is add additional base classes. Now, I imagine that would likely be as large an investment as EHG could possibly make, but it is theoretically feasible, and is another axis for growth that competitors like PoE would have a difficult time directly reacting to.

As an aside - we’re getting more ascendencies in poe2, but more mastery classes on existing bases are also theoretically (I hope) things that can happen in LE when the time comes.

Additional means of keeping league-type mechanics fresh would be to rotate which base classes (assuming there were more) or masteries were available within a given league. Restriction breeds creativity and all that.

One means of keeping leagues fresh that I would NOT recommend would be league-specific timeline / story content. To clarify, I mean content that would expire at the end of the league (persistent content would obviously be good). FOMO is a terrible way to retain player base, causes very toxic interactions in the community, and should generally be avoided.

Food for thought, hope it helps.

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I agree with everything except one Thing.

I think this idea is terrible.

I personally am a very picky arpg Players and i do choose classes based on how much i like the visuals/theme.

For example in LE i do like Acolyte(Lich + (Maybe Warlock when ist released)) and Sentinel (Void Knight + Paladin), the rest of all other masteries or the other bases classes im not a big fan of.

Same goes for me for games like Diablo III, i didn’t started to play Diablo III until the first Expansion that added the Crusader, because that was the only base class i really liked.
(Didn’t played Diablo III alot but just wanted to mention an example where i played a game because of one particular class)

As i said in the beginning, everything else you said i agree. If there is new Content in a league, devs should always Keep that content in the game for the next league, at least in a diminished version similar to what PoE does(popular mechancis and mechanics that add interested thigns to the base game would stay in PoE in a more basic version)

To be honest I only want content added to base if it really fits and adds something, and not adding content for the sake of adding content so it might feel bloaty.
However it would be nice to have several non-linked alternitive endgame modes added later on. (That endless mine in POE that needs sources from maps is an example of a linked endgame).

I have mixed feelings about temp. chars for certain modes, I hope the aim is to add the class to the base game over just adding a (potentially overpowered) class for just 1 league. (The above still applies if it does fit/add something feel free to reject the class or try to re-balance next league.

The way I potentially see how skills can be added to “force” a choice between 2 or more different skills" (aka melee-like vs spell-like vs buff-like vs summon-like)

since you can only use a limited “upgraded” skills, it wouldn’t hurt the game too much, but it requires the player to make plans early.

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