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Linux version still 0.7.6.c?

i just downloaded the linux launcher and downloaded the game. Once started, the game Version is still 0.7.6.c. Any way to update my version?


Patch 0.7.7 is not yet available on Linux due to a technical issue.

I’ve posted more information regarding this here;

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I just read through the FMOD thread, they admit their fix was pushed to beginning of May… which it now is. I wonder if they’ll be able to make their date this time? (I realize we’re all facing challenges, I’m a dev myself.)

I just realized Last Epoch has a Linux launcher so I spun up Manjaro only to see that I have no access to my characters and I’m on an old version!

Hopefully this issue is remedied for 0.7.8 :slight_smile:

According to the thread linked by @Sarno, it looks like there’s a report of 2.01.01 fixing the issue. The question now is if this gets bundled up with 7.8 or there’s a mini-patch between. Personally I’d be happy for a big 7.8 linuxey christmas.

Yay! linuxey christmas

But I really hope this to happen way before christmas.