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Linux Steam Last Epoch save game location

I have put about 10 hours into Last Epoch so far and really enjoy the game. So much so that I purchased a new computer to smooth out the gameplay.

I play on Ubuntu Linux using Steam. Upon launching the game on my new computer I was surprised to find my characters were gone. It turns out the save games are not synchronized with Steam’s cloud. I did some web searches and poked around the directory structure on my old computer longer than I care to admit but was unable to find the save game location.

Finally I just l ran the game and listed all the file descriptors the last epoch process had open (ls -l /proc//fd).

The save games are stored at the following location:
~/.config/unity3d/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/prefs

Copy this file from your old computer to your new one, launch the game, and you will see your original characters.

Other forum posts indicated that on Windows the characters are saved in the registry. On Linux, this file must replace the registry. You don’t see your character name in the prefs file, just a bunch of gibberish encoded in a string for each character slot you are using. Regardless, its quick to copy over and get back up and running.

Hope this information helps other Linux users.

The save data location for every supported Operating System can be found here.

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