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[Linux] Keybind not accessible and weird keyboard


New player here, I’ve got a little issue while setting my keybinds :slight_smile:

I’ve a weird keyboard, even for by my country standard. The name of the layout is “bépo” (with the accentuated e). The first line starts with “bépoè” and other accentuated letters like à, ù or non ascii character like “ç” are natively acessible.

The input are correctly taken when I set my keybinds [(q -> b), (e -> p), …] except those characters. When I try to set these « special » keybinds (w -> é) the popup doesn’t register the “é”.

I didn’t try with another layout for now.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day

Thank you for the report!

Could I please ask for the make & model of your keyboard?

I use a TypeMatrix 2030 (


Unfortunately it is unlikely that we will have a solution for this in the short-term.

Changing keyboard layout should workaround the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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