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[Linux] Few graphic bugs

  • there is no “red” life and blue mana globe, only the background of the globe is visible
  • mini map or map overlay is invisible (no borders)
  • no shard texture in backpack
  • can go below 0 with mana while casting skills (summoning companions)

tested on 2 machines with 3 different systems, on all 3 systems it looks the same no matter the graphic settings

radeon rx 580 with arch linux and newest mesa
laptop hp g850 with intel + amd gpu with Pop OS and Manjaro

all screenshots in galery

I believe this is a shader problem. I’ll raise it with the team.

This is intended.

HP is good now after the patch, thanks!
mana and the rest still broken

I also got graphical glitches but even worse with the latest patch. Screenshot%20from%202019-05-07%2012-33-14|690x388

I’m using pop_os 19.04 with mesa 19.0.1 and Vega 56.

same here…
HP bar is now red which is OK, but mana bar is missing blue color (looks like empty).
Minimap and minimap overlay is invisible too.

Additionally, when turning on “ScreenSpaceReflections” to any value than “Very Low” i’m getting extremely flickering & colorful screen :thinking:

EDIT: Player.log added
Player.log (66.3 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (2.5 KB)

OpenSUSE Tumblewheed, MESA GIT & RX480 Nitro+ here

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