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'Lightning Blast' Tree Preview

  This tree is in the design phase. Balance passes have not yet been performed.

Lightning Blast is one of the oldest skills in Last Epoch! In Patch 0.7.7 we’re going to breathe new life into its specialization tree by adding new nodes, removing some existing nodes and updating others. The goal of this rework is not only to increase the number of options available, but also to make each of these individual options more interesting.

As with previous specialization tree previews, we’ve prepared a page where you can mouse-over nodes on the tree to see their tooltips, just like in-game. Here’s a link!

Which node is your favourite, and why is it Hypercharge?


It looks super cool! I must say that the overcharge and Hypercharge nodes, looks super interesting to me. I am bit worry about how the ward gain on hit adds up with these nodes, and cast speed. But overall it looks really cool, so many interesting nodes! The chain nodes is also really cool. Can’t wait to try it out!

Hihi, i can almost tell by these nodes, that overall ward gain will not get a nerf, but in general ward decay might be increased :D? Or am i just speculating to much.

I’m also curious about the ward nodes, as ward gain seems very, very strong right now.

its definitely hypercharge and thats going to be an absolutely ridiculous skill on lightning builds that have other skills proc’n lightning blast.
EDIT** - Convergence is my favorite node. The ability to chain to the same enemy 5 times… quad cast… and have spark chance… wow just wow.

And Arcing Power/Closed Circuit for up to stupid chains with you/allies on a single target.

Just looking at this briefly this looks awesome and it can be a pretty powerful skill to build out. I am looking forward to testing this out!!

who wants a single target LB

I think I’ll try out front loaded, innate conduit, chain lightning, and focal blast for 325% damage, used with mana or without.

All i can think of doing is hypercharge chain to allies! if the quad chance procs does it stack the allies buff 4 times (thinking Face) cant wait to see how it effects party members when multiplayer is a thing and possible minions/companions!

How convergence node work? does it chains maximum amount of chains on the same target? And does Arcing power provide maximum amount of chains per each LB cast recently? cause it says provide additional chain, not maximum chains.

If you go Arcing Power it won’t be 5 times, it’ll be 16 times if you have 1 cast per second & cast it 4 times in the past 4 seconds (or 32 if you have 2 casts per second)… Plus however many times it would natively chain.

I would assume that effectively deals damage (repeats) on the first target X times a second.

Yeah but we all asuming none of those skills change

as an incorrigible fool, I appreciate all ongoing efforts to make Disintegrate viable.

(With 4 points in Disintegrate’s Tendrils talent, 4 Arcing Power + Closed Circuit + 2 Storm Razor + 2 Chain Lightning + Convergence should net 15 stacks of Closed Circuit per second after 3 seconds of channeling, with 10 points left over to spec into multicast, shock chance, ward gain, or cold conversion (for the sorcerer’s Dragon talents). Toss Arcane Convergence in there for a few extra blasts, while you’re at it.)

Interested to see how Convergence and Divergence interact. If youall can elaborate on that at this time, I’d appreciate it.

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It’s not. I want closed circuit.

Seems pretty nice, though perhaps a tidbit “too” powerful? I mean some of the multipliers there are insane ! So I guess the base damage of the spell will make or break it :slight_smile:
In any case, many exciting/interesting stuff, can see several viable and interesting things to do with it : several procs/other spells interactions, powerful single-target mode, channeling, elemental conversion, making it into an instant beam of death, there’s a lot in there ! reall cool tree ^^

How does Insidious Conduction behaves with other nodes that work “on cast” like Arcing Power, Lightning Attunment and Overcharge? Do we need to stop channeling and restart to have a chance for them to apply their effect or can we hope that each tick while channeling have a chance (maybe with a malus) to proc those effects?

For Closed Circuit, I would have expected a cast/attack speed increase instead.

I would assume that the on-cast effects would only happen when you start the channel. though hopefully, they could add some text/code where the on-cast effects occur once per second while channelling (modified by your cast speed).

Halo Effect+Supercharged Floes looking so cool in theory! I love the idea of ​​using a cold chain skill.

Looks like I finaly play a mage caster with the new patch :D.

looks cool :smiley: