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LF minion Lich Help

So I built myself a Poison Lich. Having a blast. But of course RNGezus has blessed me with every single set and unique item for pets.

I’d love to see a link to a beastly minion based Lich build I could try out.

Taking all suggestions.


there was another thread recently with someone making some suggestions for passives they thought would help enable Lich minion builds… based on that thread and my own experience, as far as i can tell, the class is just not meant to make heavy use of minions (as of this iteration) so it’s best to roll a necromancer if you want an acolyte pet build.

you can still use the bottom half of the lich tree as a necro, so you can achieve some hybridization that way, but you kind of need the full necro tree to make minions viable for late game.

edit: as for necro minion builds, my most recent experience has been nice with cold-themed skeleton archers and mages… it’s sort of similar to this one but i use bone curse instead of dread shade

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Makes sense… I just really didn’t want to re-roll… WTB mastery reset :slight_smile:

understandable, it can be frustrating to start a new character after you’ve invested a lot of time into one… i personally love the leveling process though so i have the opposite problem… i never fully follow through with a build because i’m always itching to try out something new.

the nice thing about starting a new necro after you’ve found some uniques is that most of them are great for leveling. some are even good well into late game (i still haven’t replaced Reach of the Grave on the build i mentioned in my edit above)

I did a Melee Lich build based around harvesting enemies, having aura of decay and Melee skeletons rogues/warriors and death knights from skeleton mage.

I tried using harvest with Necrotic damage and stacking Int for the dmg and life leech on harvest and gain minion benefits and use aura of decay to give minions poison and apply marked for death…

Everything in Lich Form ofc.

I also tried going poison myself with harvest instead.

I wouldn’t say “I tried everything I could”, but I tried so much… It’s just not meant to work. It’s just too much investment and the outcome will never be akin to neither a Lich Melee, nor a necromancer, because either will lack heavily on many ends.

Lich will miss 2 or 3 skills to really make use of his own damage potential and much will go into minions too, further lowering his damage potential

Minions just lack the mass and the passive nodes, which will always make them either miserably low in damage or easily killed by foes - or it will miss on your own damage or survivability.

But try your best my friend. I had already 100 Int, 100% GB and CBA and a good junk of everything else. It just feels missing :frowning:

My Melee necromancer that mainly uses harvest to buff his skellies, he rocks with far less equipment and Investment. But he ain’t got that reaper Form power, that is…

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There are some possibilities for a minion lich to be enjoyable. The main way to make use of lich bonuses is to have a low life build, and to sacrifice minions a lot. This makes lich a more defensive choice than necromancer as it can get synergies with stacking ward. I don’t like this playstyle, so I cannot give you a specific build, but an example revolves around exsanguinous, skeletons to give ward, minion deaths to give putrid wraiths, then low life benefits for your chosen spell damage.

A more unique option would be to use the necromancer passives giving armour shred and minion cast speed to buff your own physical damage spell as a lich.
I’m running this as a necro now and using skeletons and skeleton mages to shred armour, then casting wraiths. If I was doing a lich I’d try skeletons and skeleton mages to shred armour, but then self cast something like marrow shards.

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