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Leveling past 50

The five skills get to level 20 pretty early. After that your only contribution to your character is one passive per level (and of course the gear you get along the way).

Would it be considered, that we be allowed to level additional skills (maybe 6th, 7th, and 8th) that could be then swapped out as desired? This would give builds flexibility and encourage experimentation. I was thinking perhaps locking out skill swaps during waves, monoliths and only allow the swapping of these skills at breaks in the Arena, and between monolith runs.

Also, I absolutely love the idol system and was hoping that it could become larger (space for more idols) as we approach 100.

Currently (for me anyways) leveling once you get all the idol slots, and skills at lvl 20 becomes a very slow and unrewarding experience. Perhaps the above suggestions could remedy that somewhat?

It would be really nice if there were some “more” character development after the finish of the main quest (& yes, I know we’ve not got it all yet) when we get to end game. One of the things that I enjoy the least in arpgs is how when you start a character off you get a lot of character development (new skills, more passive points more frequently, idol slots, etc) but that generally tails off very quickly as you level up and almost hits a plateau when you reach end game (ignore the words on the graph, the curve is the point, with character development on the Y axis & time on the X axis).

I get a lot of enjoyment seeing the character develop so quickly early on but that tails off with the speed of development.

Well considering theres quite a few items whos base level is 70+ there is still lots of hunting to do at lvl 50+. Also at lvl 50+ it becomes faster and easier to relevel new skills. I do all of my testing on skills and try new builds on my lvl 80+ chars. I do find after this last patch that characters above 80 are basically penalized because of the new scaling and increased dmamage/health of mobs at /above that level but im not sure what there going to do in the future to make it better :slight_smile:

imo the scaling has to be halved, currently its way too eager. Some classes already struggle past arena 75, while others are able to push into the 200 thanks to powercreep (druid/beastmasters)

my main issue is simply that getting upgrades for your character slows down considerably past 50 and almost comes to a hold later on. The high level bases are rare and finding them with the proper stats is even rarer and then you also have to craft on them and hope they don’t break, making upgrading your character very hard. One more talent point is not going to outeven the late game scaling.

There not hard to find at all, you just simply need gold and patience with the gambler.

lmao i did 40 monotliths yesterday i have found 2 bases with the affixes i needed, both broke, i would consider that hard to find

out of maybe 1000 drops 2 were craftable, things would be much easier and quicker with a proper lootfilter however

my voidknight didnt have a gear upgrade from level 76 to 81

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