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Level gaining and mob bug

Hi, so the bug is that you do not gain any level benefits like skill points, skill unlocks etc, but when you relog you get them all, also the animation of level gaining is gone.

P.s. another bug lots of mobs when die just freeze at the pose they died and dont dissapear or fall on the ground here is my log file

output_log.txt (207.1 KB)

P.P.S there is also 1 char that cant load, if you need more data on that bug(lvl 10 primalist)

Is that log from before or after you restarted to get the levels? A log of both before and after would be good (it gets reset on restart).

We determined the bug with enemies is caused by exiting to character select and then loading another character, so it’s possible that this leveling issue is caused by the same bug. Please let us know if the issue happens on a fresh start of the game and include your log.

output_log.txt (449.5 KB)

Here a file after restart, but i get this bug every time I restart, it doesnt stop…so i kill mobs…then after some time have to relog to get my passives that i gained after farming

I also made steam check the corruption of files…it doesnt help.

Also my skills just dont get any xp!!

P.S. This bug also prevents you gaining passive points from quests

Was the first log you posted from before you restarted then? Thanks.

Sorry i wasnt clear, those 2 files that i uploaded before were wehn i not restarted the game. I just reloged, not closing the game to charecter selection.

Here is the file after i restarted the whole game output_log.txt (464.4 KB) sorry for derping

after restarting the whole game, its better now i gain xp for ,y skills so it should be ok

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