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Lets talk "Wireless Headsets"

I currently have the Corsair Pro Wireless headset. it’s probably a year old and I’ve had some issues with it that started about 5-6 months ago. Constant voice notifications about the Mic being on/off (mostly off). I also get static noise like it is trying to disconnect a lot. It never disconnects and I never run it below 50% battery life. Basically, I’m tired of putting up with it and would like to know what folks here are using for wireless headsets. I’m curious how long you have used it, and what you like about it and dislike about it. this way I can hopefully make a better decision on a new pair, than I did with my current pair.

I know you didn’t have to read this post, but I really do appreciate any advice you can give me.

Happy Hunting :wink:

I’ve had my steelseries acrtis 7’s since Xmas & I’m definitely prefering them to my previous non-wireless steelseries headset. The band that keeps the headset on is always tight, the sound is good. The only minor annouance is that the game/voip volume toggle is right where I’d normally put my hand to take them off.

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Does it have to be wireless? Good wireless options are quite limited. I’m currently using an Audeze LCD-X with Modmic, but I wouldn’t recommend getting that unless you’re really into audio.

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I had turtle beach wireless for a while, and found that there was always issues, you have to remember how many connections wirelessly you have going on around the house, all these effect eachother at some point.

Now i use Hyper x Cloud Alpha pro gaming headset, and had no issues what so ever, sturdy, comfortable, memory foam ear cups, great sound, long chord and durable with inline controls, and nice and light, will never buy wireless again.

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Me and my partner both have the same pairs and I do recommend them. Great sound and it’s the only pair of headphones I’ve had that are comfortable for long periods due to the fabric headstrap design.

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Not necessarily. I’ve had wired headsets in the past that were “ok”. My main issue with cords are:
They tend to hang down too close to the floor, right where my dogs like to chase each other and snag the cord as they go by. Pulling it off my head and/or pulling my tower over.
Also, if I forget to remove the headset when leaving my computer. “Yank” Usually when I have to referee my kids. “The teacher finger wag, at kids”
My computer is also located on a pedestal of my desk that is near the floor. I’m considering moving it because of how dusty it can get in that location. So, wired is also an option.

Yeah, my kids use my pc & my wired headset got dropped on the floor a few times, enough to damage the connector on the headset. All resulting in me deciding to get a wireless headset.

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Thank you for your comment.
I have a couple of questions.
How long have you been using this headset? How does the mic sound, Have you used it on any videos or in discord?

Thank you for your comment.
Those look nice. I really like how the mic is nice and short. I tend to bump my mic boom all the time because it sticks straight out from the ear cup. How is the mic sound. I’m currently getting into making videos and I know some mics have different sounds qualities.

The mic retracts into the headset, so if you’re not using it it’ll be “safe” from being knocked or dropped. Not sure how the mic sounds, I do chat on discord with friends & they’ve not comlained about it.

Plus I’m not an audiophile, so, shrugs

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I have used this headset since i got my new pc which was in November 2018 and yes the mic is very good, its a noise cancelling mic, the mic is also detachable from the headset if you dont or are not using it.

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I would recommend getting an Audeze Mobius if you don’t have a specific budget in mind.

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LoL, I understand. Thank you for your comments

Sadly, like most folks, I am working with a budget. I would consider going to $200, but I’m more comfortable around $150. Thank you

Are you able to toggle the mic on/off while it is connected to the headset?

Yes using the inline controls

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Holy ****bags! For that price I’d expect * insert attractive person with a nice voice of your preferred gender here * crooning in my ear!

But it’s your money so whatever floats your boat (I’m well aware that my ears aren’t as discerning as some, I’ll probably blame certain small whingy offspring).

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Thank you again for the suggestion on this Hyper X headset. I did order a pair and have had them for almost two weeks. They were not great out of the box, took me about half a day to figure out some sound issues with the microphone and just yesterday I’ve been fighting with headphone dropping voice but not music. I did like the feel, but also was having a hard time going from using a cordless headset to adjusting my desk setup to accommodate a cord. I am glad these are working great for you, but I must have received a lemon. Hopefully i don’t have too much trouble returning these for a refund. Mean while I will have to return to my failing cordless set and look for a different cordless headset to replace it.
Just so you understand, this is not a dig at your suggestion, I am very appreciative of it. I just wanted you know my experience with them.
Thank you again.

Just a little update. I’m still in the market to find a good reliable cordless gaming headset. I would like one that has good sound quality and a reliable microphone. That being said, if anyone else reading this also records videos, I am not opposed to using a stand alone microphone with a basic music headset. Would still need recommendations for those as well.

Thank you

Not took it as a dig, like you said what suits one doesnt suit another.

Good luck in the search for a wireless pair :+1: :+1:

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