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Lets make Sorcerer actually use its class bonuses

So, if we look at the Sorcerer mastery, it gives us mana, several bonuses for casting expensive spells, the class spell (meteor) is very mana costly. It looks like the intentional design for the class is having lots of mana and spending lots of mana. But if we look at the mastery passives there are ZERO nodes that help getting mana back! This is major inconsistency that has to be corrected. Everyone uses focus to help with expensive spells, but focus is not class-specific, the tree doesnt augument it even a bit and - more important - focus casting is very disruptive for the arpg that LE is. It looks more as MMORPG skill, where you have plenty time to stop and rebuilt your large manapool. In LE Meteor may cost more mana than you can have!

My suggestion is to introduce few passives that help with that. One will affect a) high manacost spells, and another b) channeled spells.

a) Casting a spell with manacost over 40 to 70 gives you an Elemental Storm charge. Each charge provides 0.2 manaregen per point per second for 10 seconds. Charges can stack. 10 points passive.
Follow-up passive: Each charge of Elemental Storm provides 3% of maximum mana per point on expiration. 3 points passive.
Follow up passive: If you have more than 6 charges of Elemental Storm your spells cost 20% more mana. 1 point passive.

b) When you stop channeling spells you get a burst of manaregen equal to 1.5% per point of mana spent on channeling for three seconds. 10 points passive.

I hope these passives will help Sorcerer to be a mana powerhouse like it really deserves. Feedback is welcome!


Very sexy ideas!! +1!

Maybe even simpler: add a passive node that increases Mana regeneration by 5% per point with up to five points?

I have mixed feelings about this.
Yes it is a chore to have to cast another spell to return your mana again.
At the same time there are actually good ways to get mana regen with gear.
I think that mage is in a scary place if you give to many options of even more mana regen and added mana.

What is the downside of mage then in LE? I think nothing.

  • Damage of mages are great. AOE and Single target options are good aswell.
  • You can blink away at a chosen spot without downsides.
  • Mages are mostly range so you can hit enemys from a safe spot which melee cant.
  • Mage has the exact same defence possibillities in defences as the tankier classes + scaling ward is easier with mage. Yes the same goes for Armor with Paladin but at the same time… mage is able to get armor aswell.
  • Mage doesnt wear cloth as some games have or other downsides.

Am i missing something about the downside of mage in LE beside mana?
I like mage to be fun for everyone but boosting it from (in my opinion) a S tier class damage defence and mobility wise into an S+ tier class doesnt sound like a good idea to me unless you nerf mage in a different area. You could lower some caps at phys resist or armor for example.

There are many ways to do it but it requires a lot of math and thinking since you need to change a lot if you lower the base foundation.
I think they should experiment with this non-theless.

It would also give mage a more classic mage identity. The downside however is that if you want to be a more tankier mage you couldnt. So a better thing would be to let the player choose. You want more mana regen? Ok you can but then we lower X or Y defensive cap or your skill X is nerfed. Another option would be to receive More damage from monsters but you get a lot more mana regen. By doing this you give the player the option to be glass canon or to be a more balanced overall mage who’s not glass canon but survives certain fights easier.

Heavy actually already has an discussion on this point on the forum: The Importance of Mana in Last Epoch

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Good points. But I will narrow the discussion to Sorc only. Spellblade has no such issues with mana and is totally ok, and mage basic mastery is just to feel the taste of things to come. Sorc is very different to other classes in the way it is SUPPOSED to deal with resource. All other classes have their way of fitting inside base 10 mana/s or regaining some mana in an appropriate way. Sorc can get some mana back only through horrible gimmicks as craterborn in meteor or excessively interruptive focus ability. I hate focus, it needs to be redone entirely. Either there should be like 5k+ manapool so you can cast quite a while before recharging or make is sorc-exclusive ability with cd or something.

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