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Let there be more light

I think we should have our own light so when we go into areas that we struggle to see in we can just turn on our personal torch.

A torch could even be an extra equipment slot. But how to carry it when your hands are already full? A headlight like in mines?

Reminds me of Exanima = lovely mood, and super ‘realistic’, but not very user friendly :slight_smile:
I think the game needs a setting to alter the gamma, (instead of brightness), to make the lighting a bit more even and lit up those black shadows. I know it looks ‘cool’ if the game is super dark, but that becomes tiring after a while. This is the reason I use Reshade in POE, and am glad D3 has this problem sorted out correctly, without having to resort to 3rd party tools. I’m hoping LE will too!

We need more dungeons first. No deep and dark dungeons, no torches needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you ever ask yourself who lits all the torches that we find in those dungeons, currently?

I’m guessing… a Treasure Goblin intern? Interns always get the crappy jobs :smiley:
It would be interesting to catch them in the act though…

Summon a 'torch holding minion"? Or maybe a pet could do it…

Ah, we need mercenaries! Yes! Give them full equipment, their own skill tree, let them pick up gold and filtered loot and… oh wait we have a thread for this.

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I played with Torch Of The Pontifex lately. You cremate your enemies on death and have the chance to spawn a burning skeleton minion. This walking torches would work fine. Pontifex for everybody :grin:

They could add something like torches in a later cycle where you have to inspect the “Darkest Dungeons”. When your torch is burned down and you have to walk through the dark you’ll get mad and lose sanity.

It doesn’t have one? Hmm could’ve swore it did. Oh well, you can force gamma settings per game via most graphics driver software.

Yeah, but it probably should have one. Just because you can do a thing in your driver software doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be added to the game. I can (probably) get higher fps by overclocking my gfx/cpu, doesn’t mean they should stop optimising the game…

I agree. Just thought I’d mention a work around in the meantime for those who may not be aware :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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