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LB + Disintegrate channels being used at once bug

LB + DI + Flame or Fire Shield + AA used together allow you to activate both beams at once and hold them. Speced into activating LB in AA.

After this happens for a while my game crashes and i get a error:
“Unexpected mark stack overflow” fatal error in GC

Edit: This effect can be triggered when I use Flame Shield or Fire Shield. I think it’s triggering when have channeled DI and my Flame Shield/Fire Shield retaliate damage which triggers LB from AA. The LB channel doesn’t stop when triggered and I can hold it as long as I am channeling DI allowing both to be up at the same time. The error comes from me specing all the chain nodes on top of this in LB, think it overloads the system with hits possibility. I don’t get the error when I take out the chain nodes.

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