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Launcher Issues?

I recently purchased a supporter pack on the last epoch website, and I’m having trouble getting the game to start. Can I download from steam? Or am I going to have to purchase the game again, because I don’t want to do that.


Would you mind elaborating on the issues you’ve encountered for us?

If the problem is with the Launcher as indicated by your thread title, installing the game through Steam would indeed work around the issue. We have a guide on how to do that here.

If the problem is with the game itself starting, I wouldn’t expect doing so to help - unless some of the data was corrupted in the first download, in which case downloading it again would get around that. I only ask because I know it can take a while for the game to download, so I wouldn’t advise it in cases where it is unlikely to be helpful.

The game takes minutes to start up.
Really rough on start up, very low frames in gameplay.
Thought it was an issue with your launcher, but I still have trouble through steam.
I have uninstalled an reinstalled. same issues persist.
Tried every hot fix I’ve seen in the forums.
I play POE and D3 regularly without issue.
Just sucks throwing money at something I’m not able to play.

Sorry about this! Could you please post your log file and system information? These files will make it easier for us to determine what might be going wrong. Thanks.

DxDiag.txt (75.4 KB)

Thanks. A log file would help me confirm, but the game could be running out of memory. When that happens, Windows will use the page file on your computer’s hard drive (or SSD), which is very slow.

From your DxDiag, your system uses an APU (CPU + GPU) and has 8GB of RAM to share between both. We recommend having 8GB of system RAM and an additional 4GB of VRAM for the graphics card.

You could try restarting your computer and closing all other applications to use as little memory as possible, though I recognize that isn’t an ideal solution.

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