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Late game (lvl. 75+) feel of progression/accomplishment


First and foremost, I am enjoying the game very much, and I appreciate how communicative and responsive the development team are on Discord and here in the forums. The devs seem very involved and pursuant to improving the game for the playerbase. So, up front, cheers and thanks for that.

With that said, my suggestion here is to, somehow, improve the sense of “achievement” after character level 75 or so. I am not campaigning for immediate gratification or constant reward, but, to me, it seems that the feel of progression locks up around this point. The game becomes less of a game and more of a task or job… the proverbial grind. Granted, with ARPGs, the grind is expected (perhaps madatory when seeking optimal gear,) but therein is my concern. The “return” when playing at/past level 75 diminishes so rapidly, one is not seeing (good) gear, mats, skills, passives, perks, levels et al. often enough to give the sense of accomplishment. It seems to be… a slog. Loping through molasses only to repeat the process over and over until a level or a base with potential or that elusive crafting mat or… whatever occurs.

A point toward passive progression at level 75+ probably won’t make or break a build, but, to that point, the earning of that point is quite laborious. That sweet base that one finds can disappear in a moment if a low percentage fracture occurs just as one is investing in it (woe unto you that suffers the 95% success fracture) which means back to the (RNG) drawing board in the hopes of finding that clean slate once more. Crafting materials, unlike shards, are also more difficult to come by (and, given the value of solidly crafted gear, with good reason) but they too can feel wasted if a fracture (or, as of this post, a glitch) consumes/loses them all too untimely.

Full disclosure, I have not played all character types to this level and, even so, my max character as of this post is 80. I am not a min/max player although I do tweak-and-test to get the function from my build as suits my play style (read: capacity to play.) I am, for all intents and purposes, a filthy causal with a ton of time on his hands.

Last Epoch is a game I enjoy, want to play and want to progress on invested, higher-level characters, but I feel as though I should punch into a time clock first when a character reach the 70s. The game, its mechanics, the direction it seems to be heading and its development team are good, great even… I am definitely not saying otherwise. I know, too, that it is only just recently into beta and will evolve over the next year before its full release (when I am sure it will continue to grow and improve.) There is also the fact that the game, in its current state is neither complete (storyline) nor finalized as to what the “end game” will actually be (I believe the current monolith and arena implementations are more works-in-progress than absolute implementation.) I am simply putting forth that currently, at the higher levels, something is missing to make the playing of the game as rewarding as were those levels leading up to that point. The enjoyment/satisfaction train wanes… drastically.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a solid suggestion on what might improve the experience that would necessarily work. Reducing the parabolic XP curve at higher levels? Increasing the accessibility of base items at any time via the vendor relative to one’s level? Increasing the drop rate of crafting materials to allow more risk/experimentation? Adding in passive and/or skill tree diversity options, based on where a character is within a level, to add nuance to one’s build? I don’t know. I can only hope that the conversation occurs in the community (presuming I am not an island alone on this perception) and at the dev team table so as to acknowledge, address and resolve/remove the seemingly Sysiphean mantle that occurs when leveling/advancing past level 75.

Cheers all!


Being physically disabled an some what socially reclusive an now reaching the age of 58 yrs I can now somewhat retrospectively comment on many games from my own experiences.
An at this stage would like to complement the OP an a very well put an rounded opinion on this game from his experience of it so far being that is only in (Beta) release at this stage.
An given I have played 85% plus of these types of games prior to hence since Diablo I must say this Game has huge potential relative to many released at a similar stage of development an what it offers in style an growth potential … however.
I will quote from the above Op’s post an endorse what they say “ARPGs, the grind is expected (perhaps mandatory when seeking optimal gear,) but therein is my concern.”
Me too as if the game becomes Rinse an Repeat, Rinse an Repeat eventually it becomes Rinse an Put Out to Dry.
Creating an retaining player retention is one of the most difficult things for Game Designers to build into there game.
Creating player “Targets” is essential in my belief. Imagine getting your Character/s to Level 1,000 but before hand you had 9 scaling levels to go through with both XP an items. Xp through a grind concept an items possibly same as you find at start level scaling also. Special areas unlocked at 250,500,750 etc or crafting items at different break points.
The point being is the Targets being there to go for.


It’s a just a beta for now with many game modes not available yet. So what kind of 75+ progression you are asking for guys. It’s just not implemented yet


My feedback was more about the feeling of progression (or lacking a sense of) at that character level range. The mechanics for an ARPG, no matter how they are implemented, are less the factor here than is the sense of accomplishment as one grinds ahead.

Players play for a sense of accomplishment or resolution of goals. Once storyline (if in place) is completed (whether once or through a series of every increasingly difficult progression e.g. normal, hard, impossible, insanity, etc.) the reward for time investment must be discernible to maintain players’ interest. That–that lack of a sense of accomplishment–is more the crux of my feedback, not so much the method of game mechanics.

As I stated initially, I do not have a viable suggestion, much less a solution, of how to abate that sense of trudging at higher levels, only that I feel its weight right now is far more crushing than it should be for, what is intended as, a source of entertainment. Ultimately, just hoping it gets the cogs stirring in the community and with the devs.


I think your feeling is probably spot on. But it’s basically down to the fact that the game isn’t fully fleshed out yet. Honestly, it feels like the solution is simply just waiting it out for new, higher level content to arrive.


Reaching high level (not to mention level 100) is only a thing for hardcore/streamer people at this stage of the game. I wouldn’t aim to reach level 100 as a casual; I’d rather play and experiment with the classes and skills the game has to offer, waiting for more content/release.

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