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Last Epoch Is Now Down for Maintenance


Druid, or Paladin… can’t decide xD (1st time playing this game)


The druid is based on pets, I prefer is in front of the stage personally.
paladin for me.


I had a paladin in WOW many years ago… maybe I can try :slight_smile:

22:30 let´s see…


on steam guys!!!




Go! Go! Go! We’re in!


we talk tomorrow xDD enjoy!


lol ok =)


Hi guys, I can’t access the beta it says. I’m not authorised… that I need to link first. Do i need to link my steam bought game to this account here?

I don’t see anythin in preferences to link my steam account :confused: I bought game directly on steam

try to validate here:

error 521

Finally it worked. Problem solved. let´s go :slight_smile:

But yeah, on steam just the game, no packs

Is it normal I can’t put game full screen with this resolution?:

I had first to go 1920x1080 and then select again 2560x1440 and now it works


Still cannot log in ! It says < log in failure, incorrect username or password suspected>

I typed my log in data very carrefully so incorrect log in cannot be rigt !


Can’t even start the beta launcher, I get stuck for a minute on Initializing, then “An unknown error has occured. Would you like to retry ?”


I’m getting the same. Username/Password incorrect. It is correct :stuck_out_tongue:


ive bought it but i cant connect in the launcher amd yhe download isnt moving any advice?


im just gonna restart my pc see if that effects it


Same here, no idea how to fix that…


is there a fix? files are not dowloading…stuck at 0%


anyone else having a REALLY slow download? It says it will take 2 days at this point. Been going a few hours only 4%


I had the same issue when I bought the supporter pack, the client seemed to have issues with “Umlauten” (these are german vowel mutations) in the password, while I had no problem accessing the website with it. Once I changed it to a password without these it worked. Don’t know if you’re a native english speaker or not.


I’ll give it a try to patch in, during the morning hours. I have no problem in waiting a day or two, just to be in pure satisfied amazement of this game.


I started dowloading it 4 hours ago, it got stuck at 0.0% for like 1 hour, and started actually downloading 3 hours ago; my client says im at 47% and still 2 hours to go at 1.1mb/sec; im hyped enough for this beta to wait until that and play a lil bit before sleep but im wondering if anybody got the same waiting times, considering my usual downloading speed is 20mb/sec seems something isnt working right here.