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Last Epoch | Dark Cleric Build (Void Knight) 0.7.9 End Game Pusher. 300+ Wave Viable!

Does fissure feel better now? I know a few patches ago it didn’t do well for me. I go more ae or orbs damage buff myself :laughing:

It feels ok assuming you can cope with the mana cost. So it’s not great on my Shield Throw/Smite build, but it’s fine on my manually casting Smite build. It doesn’t look as though the mana cost of Fissure is reduced by the -3 spell cost of my staff, so I’m paying 4 mana per cast of Smite (10 for Fissure minus the 6 gain from Time & Faith), maxing Time & Faith would make it free, which I may do later, but since Fissure has a cooldown of 0.5s, every other Smite gets the full 6 mana back.

I mean if it is worth the investment then I might look into it actually

It’s doing 52 fire damage per second with Paladin’s +100%, +58% fire damage, +85% spell damage, 17 attunement & holy aura.

I did some testing with a wand, staff & Sunrise Emblem on the training dummy, Fissure benefits from flat added spell damage & adaptive spell damage it appears to have a base damage of ~4, added damage effectiveness of ~22-25% & benefits from all the usual spell-y stuff (global increased damage from Vengeance, fire damage, elemental damage, spell damage), but not cast speed. It’s also a DoT since it doesn’t seem to crit & benefits from the Damage over Time affixes.

TLDR, yes, it’s nice, especially if you can get some flat added damage such as a Sunrise Emblem, possibly Temporal Corruption (though that would suck for a Paladin).

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Yeah it is a dot. That is nice and interesting I will try to incorporate that. I am doing a pure fire paladin

I’m not entirely sold on Judgement. I get that you can spam out 2-4 lots of up to 4 Smites very quickly, but I can kill most trash as it runs in to me by casting Smite manually. Why is it good?

Edit: It just feels like I’m killing stuff quicker and getting more mana & hp per cast manually casting it. If it would cast all of the Smites on a single target it might be good for bosses/single target.

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I am doing one that does judgement but I am using is as a burst nuke ability hit really hard and then continue my other rotation. I am using other abilities for filler dps and support

Im a big fan of smite/judgement :grinning:

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I was playing with rive and judgement for the execute and the idols. but idk how to synergize it other than scaling fire damage. should I go more spell focused or should I go more melee focused

I am spell focused because I am a smite caster. The melee hit still does a little damage and can kill smaller enemies but its not my focus.

I scale my spell damage with Sigils, the 26 added void damage from VK tree, 300% crit in Paladin tree. My smite has Sacrifice and crit nodes.

Judgement melee damage has 300% added damage effectiveness so maybe it could be scaled but I haven’t spent time on it. Probably would want to go crit to take advantage of the judgement crit multiplier idols.

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I’m trying the original (more or less) build from the video. Still too early to say what the final feel will be like, as I’m still only lv 33 and don’t even have access to the last skill.

When I try someone’s set build, I generally try to follow it as close as possible from the very beginning to see how it unfolds. Unfortunately, I ran into a bug which deleted my entire stash of twink goodies, so I’ve had to play this completely from scratch, which means my options have been fairly limited. The end result being there’s been a kind of difficult period in the mid to late 20s to level. Smite is just too slow and has limited AoE, even with skill points in. So I’ve ended up using Rive (with no points) which seems to work better thus far. I still died a lot more than I would have liked, but that’s probably due to the lack of twink gear.

Anyway, I just picked up Devouring Orb and I’m looking forward to getting some points into it soon. Hoping to convert to more casting than melee in the near future :slight_smile:

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Rebuke is actually useful to level with until we get more spell aoe. But I was leveling with a 2hd staff. I’m not sure how good it is with a shield.

Edit - To get the most out of Rebuke while leveling, give it more damage and area

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Let me know how well it does the aoe isn’t amazing but it is good and gets the job done it is main there. orbs helps you with a few things in this build if you have chill and slow on your weapon it will be able to make you kite more enemies easier. Also the additional protections and global damage helps as well. it isn’t the most top tier rank one build out but it is really fun imo and it will get the job done and be able to get very far with it. especially when the arens bug gets fixed lol. thank you for checking it out btw

So here’s some comments on the build from a “clean start” POV, I guess this is the equivalent of SSF.

1-24ish (pre-mastery) Pretty much anything you want to do is fine. I like Vengeance, sounds like Rebuke is a good option too… keep on the lookout for Glancing and Dodge on items. I went 2H with whatever had max melee, but kept looking for max spell dmg staff as well.

24-30. Struggled here a bit, mostly because I tried to convert to using Smite too soon, I guess. I also invested points to get Ring of Shields first, too, which, helped with survivability but obviously not with offense. I’d say stick with melee if it’s working well here.

30-40 Transition period to Smite + Orbs happened around here, I don’t remember exactly when. I think it was right around 35 where the build started getting a stronger feel. By then I had points in VK and orbs were starting to do their thing. Smite was a little weak, but I found a decent staff and got some +void damage. Survivability is an issue, though, trying to scrape up as much GB and Dodge as I could.

40-48. Build is starting to show promise. Offense has picked up dramatically (but so is my fan noise lol). Defense is still the hardest part. Need to use Blues in some slots because they had better core features. Not enough glyphs to craft them up properly, it feels like I’m such a scavenger. (I actually kind of like this style, it’s obviously slower but also forces you to really make every decision count). Had to scrounge to dig up cold resistance for the cold area, then switch to Fire for the first part of Divine.

49-50 At 49 you finally get the last skill slot so I could finally use Anomaly. It doesn’t do much in the lower skill levels, so it’s slowly building up. Did my first Monolith run, it was a breeze. I’ll probably do some more to get my gear shaped up a bit before I move on.

All in all I can see the potential in this build being a lot of fun. Once I get some more points into Anomaly and get a few more gear enhancements, I think it’s really going to shine. It’s been more difficult to get going due to the gear issues, but also I think it’s a slightly slower build (to get going from scratch) in general than some others I’ve tried.

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Thank you so much for this right up. It is nice to see the ups and downs of the build and this is important for a new player picking it up too. I am glad you are enjoying the build over all and it is very reliant on kiting for defense as well as dishing out loads of damage. but as a new player and an ssf player it is hard to hit certain requirements that non tank build bring to light. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the build and hope you will do an over all opinion / insight when you get it a good place :grin:

Thanks Rimed! In terms of the Passives, are there any of the “special” ones that you think are more important to get to as early as possible? Like the bolts or echoing or the “double strike” (forgot the name)… Or is it more important to just fill out the core passives?

Lvs 51-55 have been a blast as the build really starts to form up. Part of the problem was I wasn’t using Shield Rush properly but that’s another story lol. I’m not entirely sure where the bulk of the offense is coming from. I thought it was mainly from Smite but I’m wondering if the Orbs aren’t doing a lot as well since it seems like a lot of stuff is getting hit at once. Smite is only single target right? As above, it seems like some of the passive are kicking in, but I’m not entirely sure which are the most ‘bang for the buck’ - so I kind of have been putting a couple points everywhere hoping to catch the right ones.

I’m still really gear starved, which is not surprising, but I’m finally able to start looking at adding offense as well as constantly being desperate for more defense. I’ve got GB hovering around 100, trading off for some offense now here and there. Surprisingly one of my biggest problems is finding enough Guardian Glyphs for crafting. I’m also starting to get some interesting Idol drops which have made for difficult choices, but that’s all part of the fun.

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I would say go for echoes first since everything you do can be echoed except your movement ability. that will see a big uptick in dps. your smit is only st so it is very strong and hits hard. Then your orbs are aoe. don’t hit as hard but they hit a lot.

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