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Why is every guide a youtube video guide? These are the least user friendly format.

They’re probably the easist to do since it’s basically someone talking through the build. And they can be monetised for the streamers (and I’m not saying that in a bad way).

Mind adding these two builds? :slight_smile: :

The Scorpion King Build (No.2 BM on ladder)

Mr and Mrs Spriggan - 1 button build (No.9 Druid on ladder)


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Could you add this one too please mate.


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And this one please?

It’s proper written guide

still love this thread keep up great work on the updates sir

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updated The compendium for patch 0.7.10 builds to be added to the new Class sections (0.7.10)

Thanks for the effort - appreciated… :wink:

My Spellblade for 0.7.10 please. :slight_smile:

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done. waiting a few more days before I start adding in more patch 0.7.10 builds!


Compendium updated with 16 total patch 0.7.10 Builds


Mind adding this one :slight_smile: : Druid Spriggan with Scorpion Build v0.7.10b

Added it.

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Testing codes.

Ooooo, proper greek letters & everything! :wink:

Edit: I do wonder whether it would look nicer with the text first then the link?


That was a question to engender some debate, but yeah, it does look better… :wink: