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Laptop broke - need a new one!

My random laptop I bought in india 4 years ago (a miracle LE even run on that laptop) broke some days ago.

So now I need a new one, and I checked up the system requirements for LE, and yes. I got no idea about computers.

My budget is, as I`m a student, 400€ - criteria is only 2 things: it should come with an office version (word etc.) to work with.

I want to run LE smoothly, and put graphics to mid-high res!

Thats it. Play LE and have word for documents.

Any experts out there with know-how and suggestions? :slight_smile:

i recommend a geforce graphics card as they seem to work the best due to public reviews. Spendy for a good one though. get at least the 1070 or 1080, if you can manage sneak in a 2070 or 2080 and you will be fine. Try for 16 GB DDR4. Processor isnt 2 important, i have a halfway decent one and it never seems to be bothered by the game.

Hm I found 3 that I think would probably do the job. What ya think?

First one is my price category 400 -:

Laptop 1

The other 2 would be a little more (550 or 699), but maybe worth the little more investment?

Lap2 and Lap 3

Anyone able to evaluate ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lap 3 is the one you want.

There are sites where you can buy legally copies of office at a discount.
So if the laptop that you want does not have office but have a > 1050 , ideally 1660 or bigger vga card go for it and buy office from these sites.

Low-budget Notebooks are a tricky topic, especially if you combine it with such a huge criteria like office. (Most “gaming” notebooks don’t have any office related stuff included and most of the “office” devices are very expensive due to other things included but most of the time don’t have a dedicated graphic unit)
My advise would be to drop the office criteria and get a office version from various different sites. There are plenty of trustworthy sites that sell office licenses or you might even take some cheap/free alternatives.

In those low-budget cateogires a few hundred euros make a huuuuge differnce, especially in the long-term.
So if you can afford it i would try to aim for the 700+ price range.

Lap 3 looks really good, but i don’t have much experience with Medion as a Manufacturer.

I am not a big beliver in those 3rd party sites that compare different Manufacturers, but i can see why many people, especially people with no background knowledge tend to use them.

Here i give you some slightly pricier examples. But as i said, you might wanna consider if one of the purposes for this device is gaming, to spend a few hundred euros more. (I just included devices that come with a Windows 10 Version)
I will point out some key points that you might have or have not considered for each device. Often times people don’t think about certain things^^

  1. ASUS

Pro: Very good price/performance; Has 1 Available DIMM Slot Free for possible upgrade(comes with 1x 8GB already installed); 3x USB Type A(your “usual” USB) interface (2x 3.1 and 1x 2.0)

(Possible Con): No ODD(Optical Disc Drive); “just” 512 Gb storage capacity. (but very performant NVME M.2), you might consider going for an exernal USB storage device for large amount of data

  1. Acer

Pro: Also very good price/performance ratio; Also 1 free DIMM slot available for possible upgrade. 3x USB Type A

Con: Also no ODD and just 512 Gb storage capacity.

  1. Dell DISCLAIMER: I do have alot of experience with Dell, since i am working with dell for years now (i am a field service engineer doing warranty repairs for various different manufacurers, including Dell), so maybe some of my opinions are biased :sweat_smile:

Pro: Very good performance, SD-/MicroMedia-Card Reader(in case you could make any use for that), All-In-One USB-C/Thunderbolt Port; Configurator has plenty of optional stuff that you can go with, including various different office packages. Dell has very good service options, even the basic one is really nice. But also Dell offers On-Site support within different support packages that are optional.

Con: No upgradeable Memory nor Storage Mediums(also have 8Gb DIMM and 512 Gb Storage Capacity); VERY pricey, but dell does not have “low-budget” devies, since dell is kinda a more “high-quality” manufacturer. Also no ODD

As the example links you posted were all german sites, i assume you are located in germany? So i choose all german sites, but if that’s not the case i guess you can find those devies in other countries too.

If you have any detaield questions, feel free to pm me. I am happy to help or advise people in IT regards :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all for the tips! I bought the lap 3 for 699€ and decided quick because I also need it for studies. Will arrive latest monday, then I can check how it plays out!

Thanks for the tips, and yes, I’ll probably get office seperately - I saw it goes for as low as 25-35€!

Will update how smoothly LE plays out! After playing on my old laptop ( 350€ lenovo dualcore with blurr graphics), I expect at least some minor quality upgrade xD super excited!

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