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Lack of sorc amulet and ring

Just seems like most all the rings and amulets are more centered around Melee or throwing weapons or minions but you don’t really see any that are really designed for Sorc’s. i understand there are some that can be helpful for a sorc but i have yet to see one that is specifically setup for magic classes's_Scorching_Grasp's_Static_Touch's_Frozen_Heart

not a single one of those is a basic ring or amulet that has a base + anything to sorc… good try thou. the claw is so not even a sorc item. show me a sorc that uses wolves of any kind?
i mean literally the only item that is sorc based is a set item which is not a basic item in the game but like i said NEXT

so i actually found something that could be considered “magic” user but still extremely underwhelming compared to what warriors and summoners get… seems kinda lop sided. maybe its because we dont have restrictions on what classes can wear what gear?

Brass amulet is actually insane.
“Increased Base Spell Damage” is a multiplicative modifier which directly multiplies your DPS.
The general formula for spell damage is this:
[100% + increased spell damage] * [all other modifiers]
Suppose you are using the best weapon for sorc in the game, a crafted Prophecy Wand with perfect roll, +250% Base Spell Damage. A brass amulet with a perfect roll (15%, assuming wiki is correct) will actually increase your DPS by 15/(100 + 250) = 4.3% , which is more than any other base I can think of.

While i understand what your saying, i think the main base to my point is where are the amulets that do stuff for magic spells. I mean i guess this is awesome but i feel like warriors get more options at gear, in general. I mean maybe it’s because there isn’t gear restrictions like heavy plate can’t be worn. And the mage gear doesn’t seem to really help “mages” per say. I guess is what j an trying to mean…

Do you have anything specific in mind? How about cast speed bases?

Thank you for the feedback.

Here is a table showing the currently implemented non-unique amulet base types;

Name Implicit #1 Implicit #2
Ruby Amulet Added Health
Brass Amulet Increased Cast Speed Base Spell Damage
Jade Amulet Increased Melee Attack Speed Increased Throwing Attack Speed
Copper Amulet Added Lightning Protection Base Spell Damage
Sapphire Amulet Increased Freeze Chance
Silver Amulet Increased Critical Strike Chance
Turquoise Amulet Increased Minion Damage Increased Minion Critical Strike Chance
Bone Amulet Added Vitality
Oracle Amulet Less Damage Taken Over Time

While the game will definitely benefit from us gradually increasing the amount of item base types available, there are a few non-unique amulets that spellcasters may be interested in.

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Thanks for this, so this is what i needed to see, maybe it’s just my bad luck but i have only honestly seen one maybe two amulets that help me but i must get 30 throwing weapons, increased minion damage amulets… Its good to know they are out there.
Is there plans to go over the gear types and make them locked to classes?

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