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Known Website Bugs - Please Post Website Bugs Here

Appreciate the report, @GeoGalvanic!

It may be prudent to bring this to the attention of the developers of the Discourse forum package. This is default functionality created by them - and I’d consider it relatively unlikely that our custom functionality is responsible for causing the problem.

We plan to update - and possibly reinstall, a decision on this hasn’t yet been made - our forum prior to beta beginning, so it might be worth waiting to see if the issue is resolved by us performing this update. If you’d like I can ping you when the update has been performed.

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I live in Germany…

Thanks for the report!

My initial suspicion is that the forum is looking at a Cloudflare IP address. We mighn’t be able to work on this for a bit - it’s a very busy time for us currently - but this is definitely fixable.

Two website bugs to report. You link to: “” on your Steam store page, however there are two issues.

  1. You don’t seem to have a www address configured, only https://hostname.domainname sites configured
  2. Your certificate is invalid for that address and the big scary looking cert warning may scare off folks coming in from Steam.

When you hit the “too many threads” limit (I did a lot of bug reports today), you can’t send a PM either. You still get the “too many threads” message.

A post was split to a new topic: Game client crashes

Read pinned topics become unpinned. Changing their status to “Pinned” while reading the topic resets to “Unpinned” after a few seconds.

Can’t upload a picture - jpg/png formats are missing in approved formats.
Is this a bug or some sort of forum upload limitation? Where can I read about these limits?

This is intended functionality; the idea of a topic being pinned is to make sure that people will see it - once they’ve done so, there’s little reason for them to read it again - and thus, little reason for the topic to remain pinned for that particular person.

You can change this functionality by doing the following;

  • Click on your avatar in the top-right corner.
  • Click on your account name.
  • Switch to the Preferences tab.
  • Open the Interface section.
  • Toggle whether Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom is ticked.

Unfortunately, this is also intentional.

While you cannot upload those files from your computer to the forum directly, you can still embed externally hosted image files. This can be done by either clicking on the upload button and then choosing “From the web”, or alternatively, by just pasting the URL into a post.

For example, this URL;

will result in this image being embedded;


Clicking the upload button should show the permitted file extensions;

I would expect there to be a fairly exhaustive guide to the forum package and how we have configured it at some point, however this would take a significant amount of time to work on, and it’s difficult to prioritize it over other work (e.g. Patch 0.7.2).

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I created a new account and when I browse to the main page or supporter packs I see my username as <snip - Sarno>? that is not my email or username.

We’re investigating this, thank you for the report.

This issue has now been resolved.

The fix take a short period of time to propagate.

Identified and resolved an issue where a small number of drafts created on our previous forum appeared as published threads in, which displayed at the bottom of for users of mobile devices. The threads have been deleted or moved as appropriate.


Just to let you know, if you put an apostrophe in a password, you’ll be unable to login with it. I guess some escaping is being made to avoid SQL injections which change the password itself. I tried with a backslash, maybe i should have put 2. I changed it instead to avoid any trouble.

Thank you for the report!

Our web developer is unavailable for most of this week, but I’ll be looking into this prior to then and looping him into the conversation as soon as I can. Apologies for the incovenience.

That was a quick answer :o. And no problem it’s a relatively minor one that should not affect a lot of players.
Saw another very minor issue, related to the mail Welcome to Last Epoch! you send when any player registers. A tag %siteurl% isn’t replaced by anything so you just have that being displayed in the mail. Here’s the part of the mail source concerned:

<p><strong>Log in at</strong> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">%siteurl%</a><br />

You may want to consider putting that link in https too, even if thankfully, you use HSTS header. The image tracker in the mail is also a http link:

<img width="1px" height="1px" alt="" src="

Not actually a bug, just noticed some out of date information on the FAQ page (


This has been corrected.

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Some characters are not uploading their arena waves to the website. In game it is correct but not on the website. I have 3 characters I have done arena on in 0.7.5. Only 2 are showing up on both the website and in game . The only difference is I went into the latest act with my shaman and not the other characters . He is the one that is not uploading his waves. There are other examples of other players where this has happened as well.

I met this bug as well, one of my character can not uploading its waves to the website ladder. :rofl:
I created a sorcerer in 0.74, and uploading the waves during 0.74 is just fine. But for now in 0.75 it can’t, this happened both before and after I visited the new act.