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Known Website Bugs - Please Post Website Bugs Here


When reporting bugs please do the following:

  • Include any steps you believe may be necessary to reproduce the bug.
  • Specify whether you used a phone or tablet when observing the bug.
  • Include your Operating System, browser, and browser version where possible.
  • Send an e-mail to instead if you believe it prudent to do so. Examples of appropriate cases are bugs capable of circumventing moderation.

Selecting an image from the avatar library
Forum bug with drafts and using the reply as linked topic
Wrong username on website

The following is a list of forum bugs we have reproduced internally.

  • Badges do not display correctly on the main badges page, as well as the pages for individual badges. (We may just disable these pages instead of fixing this.)
  • EHG responses to individual posts are not displayed in the correct colour.
  • Usernames are not displayed near posts when the forum displays avatars above forum posts. (This is restricted to mobile - and tablet? - forum layouts.)
  • The ‘Recently Used Devices’ sometimes looks up a Cloudflare IP address and subsequently claims that the device is located in the United States (e.g. San Jose, California).


Reported bugs we have not yet reproduced:


The following is a list of recent bug fixes:

pinned #5


Badge images are misaligned on the main Badges page. They look fine on the eser Badges page.


Running Chrome on Windows PC.


Thanks for the report!

We’re looking into this. We may just disable that page and remove the link from the menu.


The image backgrounds from the category dropdown look weird


Thanks for the report! This issue should now be resolved.


I have identified and corrected an issue which affected the size & shape of my user card.


At smaller display widths names disappear. Both Firefox and Chromium for me.


Thanks for the report!


Identified & corrected an issue which could cause people not active on the forum to lose their supporter badges. Please e-mail if you were affected by this.


Our web developer has found and corrected an additional bug which could result in automated badge assignment to fail. This was limited to people paying using PayPal.


I tracked down why Firefox was using the Discourse logo for favicon and corrected the issue.


Our web developer established that automated badge assignment could fail when the account was registered mid-purchase, and has pushed a fix for this which is now live.

See? I’m not the only one who works on the weekend! :stuck_out_tongue:

split this topic #19

A post was split to a new topic: Forum badge not awarded


I’ve had this happen a couple of times now, but when saving a draft for a “reply as linked topic” post, and then returning to it, it will be saved as a normal reply instead of creating the linked topic.


Appreciate the report, @GeoGalvanic!

It may be prudent to bring this to the attention of the developers of the Discourse forum package. This is default functionality created by them - and I’d consider it relatively unlikely that our custom functionality is responsible for causing the problem.

We plan to update - and possibly reinstall, a decision on this hasn’t yet been made - our forum prior to beta beginning, so it might be worth waiting to see if the issue is resolved by us performing this update. If you’d like I can ping you when the update has been performed.


I live in Germany…